Danielle - female

Danielle – female

DOB: summer 2016

Danielle is generously sponsored by:
Julieana Modjeski

Danielle is generously sponsored by:
Steven Owens

Danielle is generously sponsored by:
Julie Schwetz

Danielle, was found with a collar wrapped around her neck and looped under her front leg. Judging by the severity of the wound, she must have suffered a great deal before the Pet Adoption Network found her. After two surgeries and over 10 weeks, she is now ready for her own home. Dani is a perky, gentle, and amazingly resilient girl. She has gone from huddling in her cat bed, on pain killers and antibiotics, to running, playing, and cuddling with her foster mom. We are so happy to have given her the best gift of all, a pain free life!
Dani seems afraid of dogs, possibly cat friendly.
A fun-loving girl!


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