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Please e-mail us at info@petadoptionnetwork.org if there is one of our kitties that you are interested in meeting but can’t get to our center on a Saturday or Sunday.  We will work very hard to make an appointment that will benefit both you and the foster home.

New Kittens

We have a couple new kittens on our kitten page.  They will be at our adoption center this Saturday and Sunday. Be sure to stop down to visit them.



Oliver arrived at a local shelter with a very large wound to his back. We don’t know how he received his injury but we do know he has suffered through two sets of stitches and this poor boy has worn the “Cone of Shame” for nearly a month.



He is very sweet, gentle and tolerant of all he has had to endure.  He will be needing to have these stitches out in the near future.

We will update his progress when he sees the vet to remove the stitches – OUCH!!

Oliver (5)




If you would like to help Oliver by donating to his veterinary care, simply click the  button below and be sure to put “For Oliver” in the purpose line.

Oliver (6)



UPDATE:   Oliver had his many, many stitches removed on Monday, May 18th.  He was a real trooper and was very cooperative.  He didn’t complain until the very last few were removed.  It took a long time and we are sure it wasn’t very comfortable for him. There were too many to count, but we estimated at least 35-40.  Oh Poor Oliver!!!!  Now we can remove his “cone of shame”.  He has healed nicely and we look forward to his beautiful, long, silky coat to fill in.  Interested in having Oliver as your very own sweet gentle kitty?  We are now taking applications for his adoption.

Thank You to the following for helping poor Oliver:
Christine H.
Melanie W. 

Click on the images below for a larger view if you wish.


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SilverAwardAbove is Megan Reilly, PAN’s VP Ada Nastasi, and her Mom Kim.

Megan Reilly decided last year that she would like to do her Silver Award Project to help animals.  She choose Pet Adoption Network and we are so proud of her.  She started by having friends bring donations of food, litter, etc.  for PAN instead of birthday gifts for herself.  Then she saved her own money and sponsored one our lucky kitties – Princess.  She continued to help PAN by hand sewing piles of catnip toys for the cats, and volunteered her time to help with our fundraiser “Rummage 4 Rescue”.  Then, before the cold weather set in, she made shelters for PAN to distribute to feral colonies – see below.  Thank you Megan for all your hard work, you should be as proud of your efforts as we are of you!!

Megans Shelters___________________________________________________


Can YOU help us??

Do you know of someone who might like to try fostering?  Kitten season is around the corner andBasketofkittens PAN is in URGENT need of volunteers to provide short term, in home care for cats and kittens awaiting permanent adoption. All veterinary care is paid by PAN. Fostering can last from a few days or weeks, to several months.
To learn more about fostering e-mail your inquiry to: Info@petadoptionnetwork.org or call 338-9175, leave a message, and our foster home coordinator will contact you.


DECLAWMore information:

www.declawing.com   What you need to know
www.pawproject.org/faq   Frequently Asked Questions
www.cats.about.com/cs/declawing/a/declawing.htm  Declawing and humane alternatives
www.catscratching.com  Cat scratching solutions


Read all about it…..  

PAN Spring 2015 Newsletter

Inside our newsletter:  Bonnie – now Miss Butters – found her purrfect match.  Read her story here.  How smart is your cat??? You might be surprised! Meet our Volunteer Coordinator: Christine Halverson.  A list of recent adoptions and of course an update from Martha.


A very big Thank-You to Chris for filming this segment that was run on Time Warner News for their “Giving Back” feature.


Shelter for feral cats

The photo above shows a simple how-to: The blue inner box is an 18-gallon Rubbermaid “Roughneck Tote” or similar. Cost about $8. Line the bottom with a few inches of straw (not hay). The purple outer box is a larger, 35-gallon tote, e.g., Rubbermaid “Latching Tote” or similar. Cost $6-15. Whatever brand of totes you buy, make sure that one easily fits inside the other with enough room for the installation. The pink is 1″ rigid polystyrene insulation, also available at Lowe’s or Home Depot. A large sheet costs about $10, and cuts easily with a utility knife. Having difficulty cutting a hole in the plastic?  Soften it first with hot air from a hairdryer.

Fosterhomesneeded Would you like to become a foster or give fostering a try? PAN will provide all medical care. You provide the love.  E-mail us at info@petadoptionnetwork.org, or call 585-338-9175.



Raise money for Pet Adoption Network just by searching the Internet at www.GoodSearch.com or shopping online at http://www.goodshop.com/ You KNOW you will be doing SOME online shopping leading up to the holidays. Please keep PAN in mind while searching and shopping.

Here is also another way to
help raise money for PAN.

It’s called Shop.com – Click on this link:
Shop from there and PAN will be the recipient of a small percentage from anything you purchase – click link, sign up & start shopping.
What could be simpler??

Thank You for “shopping and searching” for PAN.


Pet$aver will give you up to $25.00 in gift certificates for a cat or kitten that you adopt.  Just bring in your receipt for your adoption fee dated within 30 day of adoption to their store and they will send you the gift certificates.  One submission per household, per year.  For  complete details click on  http://www.petsaversuperstore.com/   or visit one of their stores.
Our Foster Homes Are Full
Because we are a no-kill organization, we must find homes for the cats we presently have before we can accept anymore cats.  Please check other rescue organizations, maybe they can help.  Some people are hesitant to take an animal to a shelter.  If no responsible home can be found that may be the best solution.  Do NOT be tempted to turn an animal loose outside.  Living a life on the street or abandoned in the country only results in short, miserable lives.  An existence plagued with injuries, disease, starvation and predators.If you have adopted from Pet Adoption Network in the past and have a question regarding  a previous adoption, please contact us at (585)338-9175zcatline

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