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Please e-mail us at  Info@petadoptionnetwork.org  if there is one of our kitties that you are interested in meeting but can’t get to our center on a Saturday or Sunday.  We will work very hard to make an appointment that will benefit both you and the foster home.


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June is National Adopt-A-Cat Month

During the month of June, PAN has lowered our adoption fees to $60.00 on all adult cats over one year of age.


We’re celebrating “Adopt A Shelter Cat Month”  in a big way by encouraging adopters everywhere to consider welcoming a senior “kittizen” into their home.

Animal shelters across the country care for animals of all shapes, sizes, breeds and ages, but senior pets are often the most difficult to place. While puppies and kittens are hard to resist, there are many great benefits to adopting a senior pet:

An Effortless Bond: Many adopters find it easy to form strong bonds with older pets due to the animal’s calmer dispositions, their familiarity with home environments, their experience dealing with other animals and previous training.

Smarty Cat: Senior pets can be easier to train and often require less monitoring than puppies or kittens, who aren’t always housetrained and are still learning their manners. An older pet’s behavior can be more predictable because their personalities are already developed. You’ll also know their full-grown size and activity level, and how that might affect your lifestyle.

Less Mess: Additionally, senior animals are likely to come into your life already house-trained, making them less likely to cause destruction in your home. Older pets may also be much more accustomed to a daily and nightly routine.


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Spring 2016 NewsletterOur latest Newsletter:

PAN Spring 2016 Newsletter



Can YOU help us??



Do you know of someone who might like to try fostering?  Kitten season is around the corner and PAN is in URGENT need of volunteers to provide short term, in home care for cats and kittens awaiting permanent adoption. All veterinary care is paid by PAN. Fostering can last from a few days or weeks, to several months.

To learn more about fostering e-mail your inquiry to: Info@petadoptionnetwork.org or call 338-9175, leave a message, and our foster home coordinator will contact you.






Thank You for “shopping and searching” for PAN


Our Foster Homes Are Always Full
Because we are a no-kill organization, we must find homes for the cats we presently have before we can accept anymore cats.  Please check other rescue organizations, maybe they can help.  Some people are hesitant to take an animal to a shelter.  If no responsible home can be found that may be the best solution.  Do NOT be tempted to turn an animal loose outside.  Living a life on the street or abandoned in the country only results in short, miserable lives.  An existence plagued with injuries, disease, starvation and predators.If you have adopted from Pet Adoption Network in the past and have a question regarding  a previous adoption, please contact us at (585)338-9175ScienceDiet

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