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Please e-mail us at  Info@petadoptionnetwork.org  if there is one of our kitties that you are interested in meeting but can’t get to our center on a Saturday or Sunday.  We will work very hard to make an appointment that will benefit both you and the foster home.



After being rescued from a very rough neighborhood, surviving under a porch, Buford came to PAN. Unfortunately, after several blood tests, he has tested positive for Feline Leukemia.  We are so sad. We are hoping someone might give him a chance a loving home. He is a nice guy! He’s 3-4 yrs old (a guess), with a very low key personality.  He has been very well behaved, with perfect litter box habits, and a REALLY good appetite!  He never lets his foster mom out of his sight. Because of his diagnose, it’s possible he could spread the leukemia to other cats. Feline Leukemia can NOT be passed to humans.  So, he must be a single cat, or he could live with another cat with leukemia.  This disease will most likely shorten his life considerably. We feel he deserves a loving home, for however long he needs it. Could you open your heart and home to Buford?                                    Please respond to:  info@petadoptionnetwork.org


Everyone who does rescue knows the term “Foster Failure”.  Well it happened again and when viewing this photo, we all agree this kitten and little boy (his mom is a PAN foster home) are made to be best friends furrr ever. Happy Life to them all!!!!!!

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Our Foster Homes Are Always Full

Because we are a no-kill organization, we must find homes for the cats we presently have before we can accept anymore cats.  Please check other rescue organizations, maybe they can help.  Some people are hesitant to take an animal to a shelter.  If no responsible home can be found that may be the best solution.  Do NOT be tempted to turn an animal loose outside.  Living a life on the street or abandoned in the country only results in short, miserable lives.  An existence plagued with injuries, disease, starvation and predators.If you have adopted from Pet Adoption Network in the past and have a question regarding  a previous adoption, please contact us at (585)338-9175


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