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Summer – female

DOB: 6-1-2018

Summer is a playful young little girl.  She is a ton of fun, very petite. and affectionate. It was difficult to get a great photo of her because all she wanted to do was play when it was time for her photo shoot. We sure had fun trying though.


Precious - female

Precious – female

DOB: 2014

Precious is one of our newer fosters. She came with 4 babies, she’s such a good mom! Sweet, pretty and friendly, what else could you want?

Fiona Grace

Fiona Grace - female

Fiona Grace – female

DOB: 2014

Fiona Grace is looking for a new home! She was returned to PAN from Florida, by her owner that couldn’t keep her.  He loved her very much and only trusted us to rehome her.  She is a plus size girl (although she is doing very well with her diet, losing weight).  She is VERY affectionate and wants to be with her person at all times.  We don’t think she has lived with other animals previously.  Fiona Grace is approximately 9 yrs old, in good health.  She is amazingly well adjusted after an all day plane ride from Florida and being abandoned by her person.  Email us at, and her foster mom will give you a call.


Surprise - male

Surprise – male

DOB: 2017

Surprise is generously sponsored by:
Thomas Leuci

Surprise is cat & dog friendly. Very passive & super sweet. You will fall in love with his big expressive eyes that give him a surprised look. He was found on the streets with severe bebe wounds on his backside. Surprise loves his toys, being brushed, & attention.


Tigey - male

Tigey – male


Tigey is a very friendly, big boy. He was rescued off the streets and would love to have a purr-son to call his own.


Bea - female

Bea – female

DOB: 2009

Beatrice is generously sponsored by:
Marie Speranza

Meet Beatrice, our newest senior girl.
She was on her way to a kill shelter, when P.A.N. agreed to take her. She had painful medical issues that had never been taken care of. Bea has had those problems addressed. She’s feeling much better now, head butting and asking for attention. She is even playing with her favorite green mouse!
She is desperate for a loving home to spend the rest of her life. She does have kidney disease, so a special diet is in order.

She really needs an angel take her in………please contact us for a meet and greet!




DOB:  ??

Say “Hello” to Jubilee. Pet Adoption Network’s 3000th rescue cat!!  She was one of many cats living outside an abandoned house with no shelter or food, possibly waiting for someone to return.  Her ears are frostbitten and are still healing.
She needs a little confidence building but loves belly rubs and lots of attention.  She is SO happy with her snuggly cat bed and a full food dish!


A generous donation was made to Jubilee’s care from Beth MacVittie in memory of Elliott MacVittie

Can you help us with her vet bills by clicking the donate button below?  Be sure to mention it is for “Jubilee”.  Please and Thank You!!


Angel - female

Angel – female

DOB: late 2017/early 2018

This very petite, pretty  girl came to us very skinny and dehydrated.  Her “Owners” chose to restrict food and water to save on cat litter. UGH!
She has settled in nicely at her foster home.  Angel likes to remind you vocally, and patting your arm when she feels it is dinner time.  Her coat has improved, she’s filled out and discovered warm fuzzy beds and regular meals.  Life is much better now.

Angel - female

Angel – female


Frank - male

Frank – male

DOB: 2013

Frank is generously sponsored by
Julie Schwetz

Frank is a blue-eyed crooner. Hence his name. He is a very affectionate and vocal 5-6 year old boy. He gets along famously with his cat and dog siblings.

Frank - male

Frank – male

********** ***** ****WHAT HAPPENED??? We don’t know…we need to take him to an ophthalmologist specialist to find out why he suddenly became blind – and if there is anything to reverse this. His beautiful blue eyes are now large pupils. The problem is, a specialist is very expensive. Oh…he also needs a full dental, another expense. Sigh…poor Frank.

If you would like to help Frank, please click on the  button below: any amount will help.

When donating, please mention Frank’s name in the special instructions area.


Missy - female

Missy – female

DOB:   ~August, 2017

Missy is a young mom who was outside in the rain trying to find shelter for her 2 young kittens. Fortunately, a kind woman found the three of them and brought them to PAN. Missy is small (6 lbs), very active and loves to play. She’s looking for her forever home where she can relax and be loved.





Linden – male

DOB: ~2017

Linden is generously sponsored by
Julie Schwetz

Linden is one to two years young. A shy guy but once you gain his trust he’s a regular snuggle buddy. Good with dog and cats. Loves to play. Very soft. FIV positive.

Click here to read about FIV: http://


Sterling - grey tiger male Clementine - orange female

Sterling – grey tiger male
Clementine – orange female

DOB: ~March 2017

Sterling is generously sponsored by:
Corinne Nash

Sterling came from a strange situation where he was old enough to make socializing to humans iffy, yet there was no place to release him in familiar territory with support. So we tried. But he’s become less trusting, harder to handle, in short untouchable.
He really likes other cats though, especially if they’re gray like him. We’re thinking a barn placement would suit him and free up the foster home for some cat that wants to be touched. Would you know of such a thing?


Clementine - female

Clementine – female

DOB: September, 2014

Clementine is generously sponsored by:
Julieana Modjeski

Clementine is a red tabby; she got her name from those little tangerines, you know the ones?  Clemmie is blind or near blind, her pupils don’t react to light at all. She’s young and was a stray, she couldn’t have lived long on the street like that, but we don’t know what happened to her. She does very well loose inside the house, works around most other cats (unless they hiss or growl at her), and finds food, water, and litter box all on her own. She won’t surf your counter! But she has to be watched around stairs.
Clemmie may have been handled roughly, or maybe she always was a feisty little thing. She likes to be petted but not picked up. She likes to be near someone, maybe she sees motion and masses or she follows the sounds of someone moving and settles nearby.
She needs a special someone in a safe setting, to let her blossom into the kitty she’s meant to be despite the challenges she’s had.



Penny - female

Vanessa – female

DOB:  2009

Vanessa is generously sponsored by:
Julieana Modjeski

Vanessa LOVES people but is not overly fond of other cats.  She would prefer to be the Queen of her own household.


Carolina - female

Carolina – female

DOB: mid 2015

Carolina is generously sponsored by:
Lois Miner Huey

Carolina has grown into the most gorgeous cat, and she keeps her fur in order herself. She can display a little attitude with some other cats, but we’ve found that some space of her own, part of the time, goes a long way toward reducing that. In fact, a home where she was the only would be perfect!