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Maggie May

Maggie May

Maggie May-female

DOB:  2007

Pretty, purring Maggie lost her girlish figure a long time ago. She has some diabetes and her kidneys are failing. She needs a diabetic diet and extra help with accessibly and cleaning, and she’s welcome in her foster home for life. We just wanted to show you our girl. If a few people would like to sponsor her, that’d be great too.

Available for Senior to Senior


Dexter - male

Dexter – male

DOB: ~ 2016

Dexter is a very chatty boy, clearly no stranger to humans, other cats or indoor living. Yet he appeared in a feral colony with a squinty eye, dirty and not neutered. Neutered now, he’s been seen by a veterinary ophthalmologist, and is scheduled for a surgery on the lower eyelid. It’s rolling in ,rubbing the lashes on his cornea. He’s going to be much more comfortable when that’s done. He won’t be available to adopt until August, but he’s such a foster favorite with the mitten feet and friendly churrs, his mom couldn’t wait to show him off.


Rose - female

Rose – female

DOB: 2008

Rose recently came to P.A.N. She has been living outside with a colony of cats. As the cats were being Trapped/Neutered/and Released, she was discovered to be about 12 yrs old, very friendly and DECLAWED. We’ll never know how she came to be abandoned.  Rose needs a retirement home, an inside one!

Available for Senior to Senior


Lily - female

Lily – female

DOB:  Late 2019

This big kitten is the sweetest most loving girl. Even the vet says that she is special. Lily never gets tired of pets. In fact, try to hide your hands and she’ll start to lean and rub all over you. If she has good play times between naps, she’ll snuggle right up to you in whatever way she can. Lily is a wonderful companion with a big and loving personality.

Dixie Star

Dixie Star - female

Dixie Star – female

DOB: ~2017

Dixie Star is 3-4 years old. Very tiny, outgoing, people- orientated & loves attention. She had a difficult few years living on the streets.
Check out her royal profile


Clarice - female

Clarice – female

DOB: June 16, 2017

I’m a tiny little gal, a bit on the shy side but I really would like you to pet me. I like other cats but I haven’t been near a dog so don’t know if I would like them or not….probably not.


Madeline - female

Madeline – female

DOB: 2018/2019

Madeline was another kitty found living on the street. There are 1000′s abandoned in our city.
Maddy is the sweetest, busiest and playful girl we know! She would probably LOVE being the only kitty in the house. She wants ALL the attention!


Matthew - male

Matthew – male

DOB 2015-ish

Matthew (2)

‘Tail’ is actually ripped off fur. His real tail is curled up along the side of his body.

Matthew was a stray, probably for years. He is enjoying his foster home. Good food and comfort are new to him. The second picture is the condition of his coat when we found him. The matted hair was painfully hanging in long dreadlocks, pulling on his skin. It looks like he has 2 tails! So he’s now had a bad haircut. His ears were painfully infected. He’s been treated, and is feeling better now.
He needs a patient adopter, and a calm household. We don’t think he’s had much gentle handling in a long time.
He does enjoy petting, but isn’t used to too much at one time. He’s not aggressive, just nervous.
Look into those sad eyes….. he needs a second chance.


Thomas - male

Thomas – male

DOB: 2017

Generously sponsored by:
Barbara Heyne

Generously sponsored by:
LoriAnn Kessler

Thomas was found in a feral colony but he is definitely a very friendly kitty.  I love people and am great with other cats.  I need a loving home.  Older kids would be fine.


Jubilee - female

Jubilee – female

DOB:  1-1-2009


Say “Hello” to Jubilee. Pet Adoption Network’s 3000th rescue cat!!  She was one of many cats living outside an abandoned house with no shelter or food, possibly waiting for someone to return.  Her ears are frostbitten and are still healing.
She needs a little confidence building but loves belly rubs and lots of attention.  She is SO happy with her snuggly cat bed and a full food dish!

A generous donation was made to Jubilee’s care from Beth MacVittie in memory of Elliott MacVittie

Can you help us with her vet bills by clicking the donate button below?  Be sure to mention it is for “Jubilee”.  Please and Thank You!!


Sterling - grey tiger male Clementine - orange female

Sterling – grey tiger male
Clementine – orange female

DOB: ~March 2017

Sterling is generously sponsored by:
Corinne Nash

Sterling came from a strange situation where he was old enough to make socializing to humans iffy, yet there was no place to release him in familiar territory with support. So we tried. But he’s become less trusting, harder to handle, in short untouchable.
He really likes other cats though, especially if they’re gray like him. We’re thinking a barn placement would suit him and free up the foster home for some cat that wants to be touched. Would you know of such a thing?


Clementine - female

Clementine – female

DOB: September, 2014

Clementine is generously sponsored by:
Julieana Modjeski


Clemmie is blind or nearly so. The problem in not in the retina or corneas, but in her brain.
She navigates the house; food, water, litter boxes, other cats, even stairs. She’s tidy and won’t surf the counters.
Sometimes she likes to be petted a little, just around her head.
She does not like to be picked up.
She may not have been socialized prior to becoming blind, or it may be from a traumatic brain injury, but if surprised, she’s been known to bite or scratch ankles. Ouch. She should never be around children.
It’s a challenging situation and anyone interested can contact us for a special interview in the foster home.


Carolina - female

Carolina – female

DOB: mid 2015

Carolina is generously sponsored by:
Lois Miner Huey

Carolina has grown into the most gorgeous cat, and she keeps her fur in order herself. She can display a little attitude with some other cats, but we’ve found that some space of her own, part of the time, goes a long way toward reducing that. In fact, a home where she was the only would be perfect!