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Ariel - female

Ariel – female

DOB: August 2016


Ariel is very outgoing and interactive. Still a kitten, she enjoys her toys and the company of other cats or kids. A nice dog might be OK too. Ariel has had 3 homes in her very short life, and she wants the next one to be permanent. She doesn’t understand why she keeps getting passed around, because she is about the easiest and most agreeable cat possible! Won’t you give Ariel the stable, loving home she is waiting for?


Grayson - male

Grayson – male

DOB: February, 2016


Grayson is about a year old. He is very sweet and affectionate.  Also he would be great with other cats, older kids. A calm dog might be OK. Grayson loves to get hugged and brushed and would be a nice lap cat.

He will be at our center the weekend of the 25th.

Ziggy Stardust

Ziggy - female

Ziggy – female

DOB: Adult


Ziggy is a sweet, loving girl that was found outside and is still a bit timid. She loves to be pet, but will need someone with patience while she gets over her shyness. Once she likes you, she’ll let you pet her all day!


Ash - male

Ash – male

DOB:  2014

 Persian Mix


“Hi! My name is Ash. I was living in a big house with my brother and sisters when our owner moved into a nursing home.  We were on our own for months. I am a handsome boy, around 3 years of age. I am gentle, and a bit shy if there are a lot of cats around, so I don’t get much attention…but I think I will blossom if given a chance.”


Paul - male

Paul – male

DOB:  2016


Pauly was living under an abandoned building and begging at a neighborhood  house.  After a week of sitting at their door,  refusing to let him in,  they contacted PAN.  With temps in the teens, he was in a pretty desperate situation. His ears show a bit of frostbite.  Pauly is a very nice boy, loves to cuddle on a lap.  He REALLY loves to eat, he was quite thin, but he is filling out.  He seems to be afraid of dogs (not unusual for a cat that has lived on the street)


Oakland - male

Oakland – male

DOB: 2012


I have a long, sad tale to tell.  My first family left me at a shelter when they moved.  I was adopted and I thought everything was great! Then my new family got a dog that hated me, so I was dumped at a different shelter. I am calm, and loving and good with nice cats. Will you be the one to give me my last, and permanent, loving home?

Miss Jazzy

Miss Jazzy

Miss Jazzy – female

DOB: 2012


I am quite the little charmer! I am friendly, lovable, and quite social. I am great with kids and fine with other cats. I would love a warm, safe, forever home.


Smokie - female

Smokie – female

DOB: September 1, 2016


A bundle of energy with curiosity to match.  She will be available for adoption after her spay.

J. J.

J.J. - male

J.J. – male

DOB: January 1, 2015

J. J. is generously sponsored by:
Julie Schwetz


J.J. is a mellow young guy that is cat friendly and for an extra bonus, he sounds like a bird.


 Scarlett - female

Scarlett – female

DOB:   Aug 2016


Scarlett was a stray and rescued by some very kind people.  She is petite , sweet, cat friendly and VERY playful.  She lives with Mia, and they seem to be buddies, although not related.


Mia - female

Mia – female

DOB:  July,  2016


Mia is very purrsonable, LOVES her toys, and would love a warm loving home.  She is very attentive to her person.  Mia lives with Scarlett.  They are SO happy to be out of the cold!


Lucy - female

Lucy – female

DOB: ~2013


Lucy is generously sponsored by:
Steve Owens

Lucy has a medium, long silky coat with the most beautiful plume tail. You need to see it!!  She was dumped into a feral colony.  Obviously she isn’t feral at all.  She is friendly, social, and loves attention. Lucy gets a little stressed on adoption days  because she is not used to being in a cage with so much  commotion going on around her.

Lucy - female

Lucy – female

She is such a trooper, she usually attends our adoption days.  A private showing can be arranged if you would like, so you can see just how lovely she really is.

Curious George


Curious George – male

DOB: December, 2015

George has a sponsor for Christmas!!
Marion Quiram in honor of Paul Huey


Curious George is a very friendly, jump into your lap kind of guy.  This outgoing guy will be available mid Dec.

Tater Tot

Tater Tot

Tater Tot

DOB: July 26, 2016


Tater tot is probably the runt of the family. She loves to be held like a baby. She is kid tested as her foster has 6 grandchildren.


Jasper - male

Jasper – male

DOB: July 26, 2016


Jasper is the most beautiful color. Not sure what it should be called. Strawberry blond or maybe creamy blond. He likes to be petted and will purr with the best of them.

Little Charlie

Little Charlie - male

Little Charlie – male

DOB: July 27, 2016


Little Charlie is a big brother and will roll over for belly rubs. He is very sweet and enjoys running around his brother and sister.

Chubby Charlie

Charlie - male Senior for Senior

Charlie – male
Senior for Senior

DOB:  2006

Charlie is generously sponsored by:
Marcia K. Osborn


Chubby Charlie was likely born around 2006. He is good with other cats. Charlie loves to sit on the sofa next to you, being petted, a perfect lap cat. Sadly his senior owner is unable to care for him anymore.


Natalie - female

Natalie – female

DOB: 9-1-2016

Maine Coon Mix


Natalie came to us too young to survive on her own. She was loved and nurtured by our foster cat named Naomi.  Naomi had no milk, though,  so Natalie was bottle fed by the foster home.   She is Maine Coon mix, very playful and friendly.  Loves to cuddle.


Naomi - female

Naomi – female

DOB: 5-1-2013

Naomi is generously sponsored by: Carina, Trottolino and Debbie


polydactyle (extra toes)

Naomi came to us looking to find a home.  She discovered while here a little kitten that needed the love and comfort that only a mom cat could give.  Even tho Naomi didn’t have milk, she nurtured an abandoned kitten while the foster home bottle fed her. Naomi is one awesome, loving and sweet kitty.  Check out her extra toes below – still so dainty and delicate.

Polydactyl front paws.

Polydactyl front paws.



Jo - female

Jo – female

DOB: Jan. 1,  2014


Jo is Mom to the “Little Women” kittens on our kitten page – Beth, Amy, and Meg. She is easy going and lovable. Ready to have a home of her own where she can be the one being loved full time.



Schroeder – male

DOB: Sept. 14, 2016






DOB: Sept. 15, 2016


Will is an active, energetic handsome little guy.  Stop down to meet him!!


 Grace - female

Grace – female

DOB: Sept. 15, 2016




DOB: Sept. 1, 2016



Beth - female

Beth – female

DOB: Sept. 1, 2016



Meg - female

Meg – female

DOB: Sept. 1, 2016



Vanessa - female

Vanessa – female

Dob:  ~2006

Vanessa is generously sponsored by:
J. Kolva


Nessie showed up in a neighborhood where little is known about her. She’s certainly not feral and needed a lot of help. She’s chatty, petite, and lovely. She loves to eat, sleep in soft beds, and scratch on cardboard scratchers. She hates carriers, car riding, and going to the vet. She would do best in an adult environment.

Did I mention she likes her lap time? She has been through a lot. If you’re one of those folks who know how to feel your way along and give it some time, talk to us.


River - female

River – female

DOB: 8-1-2016


The sweetest little munchkin you’ll ever meet. A little spitfire, found in the grass at about four weeks. She loves to play. Will be ready for adoption as soon as she’s big enough to spay.


Petey - male

Petey – male

DOB: 2011


Meet Petey. He’s a Siamese mix, playful and very social and also loves to be with people. Petey lived with an older woman who is unable to return to her home. Currently he is living with a kitty friend, Charlie. They could be adopted separate or together. 


Joseph - male

Joseph – male

DOB: August 2016


Joseph was saved after he was found living under a stoop and playing near a busy street. He has adjusted very fast and is a happy, social & healthy baby!


Wisteria - female

Wisteria – female

DOB: August 2016


Wisteria was saved after she was found living under a stoop and  playing near a busy street. She has adjusted very fast and is a happy, social & healthy baby!

Clifford and Clinton

Clifford and Joseph - males

Clifford (b&w) and Clinton(tabby) – males

DOB: August 2016

Clinton is adopted!

Clifford is adopted!

Clifford and Clinton were saved after a good Samaritan found them living under a stoop and saw them playing near the busy street. They have adjusted very fast and are happy, social & healthy babies!


Leo - male

Leo – male

DOB: August 1, 2016



Lanie - female

Lanie – female

DOB: August 1, 2016



Lennie - male

Lennie – male

DOB:  August 1, 2016



Elle - female

Ellie – female

DOB: January 2012

Ellie is generously sponsored by:
Julieana Modjeski


Ellie loves to sit in the sun and snuggle up next to you on the couch.


Riley - female

Riley – female

DOB: March 3, 2016


Riley will purr very loudly as soon as you walk into the room!

Riley - female

Riley – female


Marty - male

Marty – male

DOB:  ~July 15, 2016


Marty is ready to find his own special home.


Stacy - female

Stacey – female

DOB:  May 1, 2016

Stacey has a sponsor for Christmas:
Marion Quiram in honor of Lois Miner Huey


Stacey is the nicest, softest, most playful kitten you could hope for.  She’s fine with other cats but she can amuse herself, too.  People describe her fur as “silky” or “velvet.”  She’s so funny, she declines wet food but has been seen tasting tofu and crunching on crackers.  Cat grass is a big favorite of hers.  She’s young enough to fit in most families, and could provide a lot of fun and warmth.


Saige - male

Saige – male

DOB:  ~ 2014


Young adult male, approx 2yrs old
Friendly, social young man. He loves to do figure 8′s around your ankles! Saige would be fine with other cats, after proper introductions.  He has not been tested with dogs yet.  Saige is very playful and can keep himself occupied for hours playing with his favorite furry mouse toy. He has good house manners and he likes to be part of family activities.


Bunny - female

Bunny – female

DOB: ~ 2014


Bunny got her name because she hops like a bunny when she gets pet, and also because of her cute pink nose. Bunny is a young Mom kitty that was rescued with her kitten Marty.


Alex - male

Alex – male

DOB: May 1, 2016



Yori - female

Yori – female

DOB: May 1, 2016



Vlad - male

Vlad – male

DOB: May 1, 2016



Emmit - male Available for Senior to Senior Program

Emmit – male
Available for Senior to Senior Program

DOB:  ~2008

Emmit is available for Senior to Senior


Sadly, my previous owner passed away and the family sent me to a shelter.  I was so sad, but I tried to make the best of it.  Soon, I became a shelter favorite.  I am gentle, love belly rubs and can’t seem to get enough hugs and kisses. Playing is what I do best and would be great in an active home.  Oh, and just so you know….I love older kids!!


tyDOB: March 10, 2016


Ty was found on the side of the road.  He is an absolute love bug.  He is mostly black with a little bit of white.


Thomas - male

Thomas – male

DOB: March 10, 2016


Thomas was found on the side of the road with his brother Ty.  They are super sweet.  He likes to head butt and rub under your chin.

Panther and Reba

Panther - male

Panther – male

DOB: 2014


These young brother and sister siblings love each other so much that we must have them adopted together. They are super friendly, love other cats and kids.  They will make wonderful companion kitties.


Reba – female

Reba (2)




Sammi – Female

DOB:  June 10, 2016


Hello my name is Sammi. Like my brother, I was born with an eye condition that has left my vision impaired and I seem to have gotten a double whammy in both eyes (more than my other siblings). But that’s okay my foster mom says I’m perfect just the way I am! My brother and I love to play together and I especially love to chase after my feather toys. I’m very quick and I have a lot of spunk. Sometimes I even chase my own tail for fun! Come meet me and my brother!


TJ - male

TJ – male

DOB:  June 10, 2016



Sammy - male

Sammy – male

Sammy – DOB 2014


Sammy is an excellent companion kitty. He is very social, loves cats and older kids. A dog might be OK, but he hasn’t been dog tested yet. He loves to be with his people or other cats, and definitely wants to sleep with you at night. Sammy hates to be alone. He wants to be part of family activities and and promises to be a loyal friend.  He plays like a kitten and loves a good brushing. This is one special cat!



Spot – female

DOB:  June 10, 2016



Patches - male

Patches – male

DOB:  June 10, 2016


Hello there, my name is Patches. Be sure to check out my adorable sister Sammi. We were both born with an eye condition that leaves us slightly vision impaired, but what we can’t see we make up for in cuteness. My foster mom says I squeak as I run around the house playing with my sister. It’s like a game of tag – you’re it, but I get so excited! I’m very easy going and love to sit on laps. Did you see me on the front page of the Irondequoit newspaper recently? I am somewhat of a local celebrity. I’d love to meet a great family and I get along great with other cats. Oh yeah, and I still slurp when I drink- I am a boy!


Bella - female

Bella – female

DOB:   Fall  2015


Bella came to P.A.N. after she had kittens under a deck. Thankfully, the homeowner brought the cat family inside.  The kittens have been placed. Bella is the real Belle of the Ball, with her beautiful yellow-green eyes like a set of gems. She is a real sweet heart.  She is a bit shy but she relaxes quickly and she loves to be petted and will rest her head on your hand and relax with you. She is great with people, children included. She hasn’t been around cats and dogs. She wants to be loved and to love, especially with the right person and family.  Bella is enjoying lounging on a bed after her life on the street.


Charlie - male

Charlie – male

DOB: April 10, 2016


One of the most easy going, do anything with kittens you will ever want to meet.

Charlie (2)


Teddy - male

Teddy – male

DOB: April 10, 2016



Ginger (2)

Tabby – female

DOB: April 10, 2016




Bingley - male

Bingley – male

DOB: April 10, 2016


Bingley is very playful and loves to curl up and sleep in very comfortable spots. He is very nice to other cats.


Darcy - female

Darcy – female

DOB:  April 10, 2016


Darcy was found in a backyard, without a mom.  A concerned neighbor brought her to P.A.N.  along with Jane. Lucky kittens, they were saved from life on the street.

Darcy with Janie

Darcy with Janie


Darcy and Jane were found outside as younger kittens.  These nice babies are still waiting for homes.  You will never be bored !  These two will entertain, running through the house playing “kitty tag”. Listen to her purrrrrrrr:




Janie - female

Janie – female

DOB: April 10, 2016


Janie is a quiet, rather sad little one.  She watched her siblings, and room mate get adopted.  Because  she is shy, she has been overlooked completely. Janie is never angry or mean, she just needs to get used to a new person/situation.  She is very cat friendly, and playful.  She enjoys lap time with her foster mom (pictured here).  We hope someone gives her a chance at love!

Janie with Darcy

Janie with Darcy. Darcy is adopted. Janie is waiting patiently for her own home.



Tate - male

Tate – male

DOB: May 10, 2016


Tate and his littermates, Darrin and Endora were born outside to a feral mom who was trapped, spayed and released shortly after. A few weeks went by, and suddenly, there they were, at just the right age to learn to be house cats. They quickly learned to lap from bowls, and to purr when picked up. They took to the litter box, combing and even having their claws clipped.



Tabitha - female

Tabitha – female

DOB: May 10, 2016


Orange female!! Orange cats are predominantly male.

She gets a lot of attention with her extra fuzzy coat and happy purring.



Darrin - male

Darrin – male

DOB: May 10, 2016


Darrin is polydactyl – he has extra toes on his front paws.

Darrin (3)


Darrin and his littermates, Tate and Endora, were born outside to a feral mom who was trapped, spayed and released shortly after. A few weeks went by, and suddenly, there they were, at just the right age to learn to be house cats. They quickly learned to lap from bowls, and to purr when picked up. They took to the litter box, combing and even having their claws clipped.



Endora - female - Xtra toes

Endora – female – Xtra toes

DOB: May 10, 2016


Polydactyle (extra toes)

Endora and her littermates, Darrin and Tate were born outside to a feral mom who was trapped, spayed and released shortly after. A few weeks went by, and suddenly, there they were, at just the right age to learn to be house cats. Endora (1)They quickly learned to lap from bowls, and to purr when picked up. They took to the litter box, combing and even having their claws clipped.


Olivia - female

Olivia – female

DOB:  May 15, 2016


Olivia and her brother Oliver was found in a junk car and they were the only survivors of a fox attack upon their mom and siblings.  They are absolutely precious. They love people and other cats, and they are used to a small dog.



Oliver - male

Oliver – male

DOB:  May 15, 2016


Oliver and his sister Olivia was found in a junk car and they were the only survivors of a fox attack upon their mom and siblings.  They are absolutely precious. They love people and other cats, and they are used to a small dog.



Pirate - male

Pirate – male

DOB: Feb. 15, 2016


I was living outside with my mom and sister. My eye got an infection so it had to be removed. I’m still as sweet as can be and looking for someone I can cuddle with and call my own. Even though I have one eye, I will watch over your ship (oops house).


Cow - male

Cow – male

DOB: April 10, 2016


Meet Cow. He will play and play until he is tired and then he passes out on the nearest lap or shoulder. If you are laying down, he loves to lay on your neck and purr. He is named Cow because he is very laid back and always a step behind his brother and sister intellectually.


Chandi - female

Chandi – female

DOB: April 10, 2016


Meet Chandi: a calico with medium length hair. What a cuddle bug! She loves to sit on your shoulder and just purr and purr. She likes to play, but her brothers are a little rough on her. She is very sweet and just wants a lap to sit on. When we open the play pen door, she won’t leave until you give her a pet and she will follow you around everywhere.


Ishi - male

Ishi – male

DOB: March 13, 2016


Ishi loves his mama Tulla, and he loves to play. He is quite friendly with other cats and a small dog. Ready for his forever home and a truly delightful addition he would make for nearly any new situation.


Tulla - female

Tulla – female

DOB: ~June, 2015


Tulla was left behind while pregnant and since had 5 adorable kittens.  She is very sweet and loves attention from people.  Tulla does have an aversion to some other cats so a very slow introduction to others kitties would be necessary if any are already in the household.  Tulla has one male kitten, Ishi, still available for adoption and it would be wonderful to place them together but certainly not required.  Tulla is aproximately 1 year old and loves to play!

Muffin “aka” Cora

Muffin - female

Muffin – female

DOB: 2005


Muffin is agile and curious. She seeks lap time and “lets you know when she’s had enough.”


Cinderella - female

Cinderella – female

DOB: – 2013


Named for her dirty condition when one of us found her, she goes by Ella or Rella now.  Didn’t she clean up nice??  She is the neatest little black and white cat, and she’s actually become pleasingly plump.  She loves to be rubbed around her neck and ears and she purrs on contact.  Not the most confident kitty, she would do best in a calm, quiet environment, and would like another cat for company as long as she/he isn’t rough with her.


Donald - male

Donald – male

DOB: April, 2016



Louie - male

Louie – male

DOB: April, 2016


Louie has extra toes on both front feet.


Dewey - male

Dewey – male

DOB: April, 2016



Huey - male

Huey – male

DOB: April, 2016


Dudley and Craig

Dudley and Craig

Dudley and Craig

DOB: Mid March, 2016


Ishi, Dahlia, Bud, Gilda, Daisy


Ishi, Dahlia, Bud, Gilda, Daisy

DOB: March 14, 2016

These kittens were taken in by PAN after their owner moved on and left them behind. They are very people friendly, love to play, and they are very sweet.

Ishi is available for adoption!!

Gilda, and Daisy are adopted!! 
Bud and Dahlia are adopted!!


Sylvester - male

Sylvester – male

June 1, 2015


You just have to see this handsome, awesome, affectionate big boy for yourself. He is easy going and will likely fit in with most family situations.

Moo Moo

Moo Moo - male

Moo Moo – male

Moo Moo - male

Moo Moo – male

April 1, 2015


Moo Moo came to us from an unfortunate situation.   Sadly his family was unable to keep him and it was imperative that he find a safe place to be until he finds his new fur-ever home.   He is gentle, loving and asks for pet, or scratch under his chin.  You can tell he was greatly loved and cared for and he will make a great addition to a new home. Could you be the one that will make his dream come true?


Siggy - female

Siggy – female

DOB: Mid March

Now taking applications for Siggy



Floki - male

Floki – male

DOB:  Mid March


Now taking applications for Floki


Louisa - female

Louisa – female

DOB:  2015


Louisa is new to PAN, but she seems to be a very sweet girl.
This adorable girl enjoys attention.


Waldo - male

Waldo – male

DOB: ~2012

Waldo is generously sponsored by:
Julieana Modjeski



Waldo’s latest update:  7-6-16

Waldo is doing much better in his foster home. He is much more relaxed, and trusting. His foster Mom thinks because of his past, it just took him time to settle in and realize there is gentleness here. No need to be defensive. So, we are hoping that someone else will give him a chance to be a loved kitty. He has discovered the screened in porch at his foster home – LOVES watching the birds, and doing some sunbathing.

4-14-16 – Where’s Waldo?  Well, after what we think was a long time on his own, Waldo is safe with the Pet Adoption Network.
Waldo was found living in a wooded area, but gladly came begging at neighbors doors.  He had a infected bite wound, as well as ticks ! UGH!   Living wild is no place for an declawed cat. We have had no luck finding his owners.  This handsome guy is feeling much better, and is ready for a new life.  Waldo can be very friendly, rubbing against your leg.
If you have any questions, or would like to speak with his foster Mom, please send an email:


Mason - male

Mason – male

DOB: 2014/15


Mason is a new kitty to the PAN family, but he fits in well.  He’s VERY friendly,  wants to be petted, and climbs into your lap.  He was found hiding in a dog house, with a slight injury to his tail.  He’s fine and good to go!  A really nice boy.

Mason - male

Mason – male


Sundance - male

Sundance – male

DOB: 2014


Sundance is quiet and gentle. A little shy at first, he is extremely loving once he gets to know you.  He has a very unique coat, mainly chocolate brown with lighter colored hairs evenly distributed throughout  his whole body.  What a handsome boy.

Sundance - male

Sundance – male


Abby - female

Abby – female

DOB:  Early/mid 2015


Dilute, LH Blue Creme

This beautiful little lady was dumped at a local shelter without so much as a name.  She is extremely sweet and will make an excellent lap cat.  She loves to be pet and will head butt and roll into your hand. She is looking for her special someone – is that you?




Katniss – female

DOB:  ~ August 2014


Katniss is generously sponsored by:
Sarah Engert

Katniss just went to the vet for a new vaccine, because she’s been with us more than a year. How could this pretty kitty be a forgotten feline? Sure she takes a little while to assimilate into a new situation, but she turns into a playful kitten sooner than you’d think. She’s loving, young and fun. She’s even got a red strip on the back of her head that can help pick her out of a crowd. They say red hair goes with a mind of your own. Give us a call and we’ll set up an interview so you can check her out.

Katniss Sleeping

Katniss Sleeping


Penny - female

Penny – female

DOB:  ~ 2013


This wonderful young mom had a beautiful litter of kittens that have now found great homes, so now it’s Penny’s turn! Penny is gentle and loving, and would do well in a family setting.  She came from a home with several cats, so she is used to having other cats around, and she especially loves kittens!  She loves playing with kittens,  and can’t get enough of them, even if they are not hers.
It’s time for her to give up her “mom” responsibilities, though, and find a home of her own.


Gemma - female

Gemma – female

DOB: 2014


Gemma has been a most patient and loving mother to her kittens.  She is calm and easy going and should fit in well in nearly any family. Her kittens will be adopted out by the end of March and she is looking to have love lavished on her, like she did with her own fur kids.


Robert - male

Robert – male

DOB:  December, 2015


Robert and his sister Cora were dropped off at PAN’s Adoption Center, by people that never even bothered to name them. They are now available for adoption.


Cora - female

Cora – female

DOB:  December, 2015


Cora and her brother Robert were dropped off at PAN’s Adoption Center, by people that never even bothered to name them. Cora is now available for adoption.


Elena - female

Elena – female

DOB: August 2015


This little beauty was found on a construction site. She is very lovable, great with cats and kids. Elena loves to be held, and is very gentle (a little shy).


Lilly, Tobias, Rosie, Mattie, Hayden

DOB: January 17, 2016





Amore - male

Amore – male

DOB: Sept. 1, 2013

Amore is generously sponsored by:
Paul Huey – a gift from Marion Quiram

Amore is generously sponsored by:
Marcia K Osborn


“Amore” has been living on the streets for some time, with a few battle scars to prove it. He is one big guy, 15 lbs, full of purring, head butting and “happy feet”.  Amore is a very special guy!

Spencer and Patti

Spencer - male - brown Patti - female - grey

Spencer – male – brown
Patti – female – grey

DOB:  Early December, 2015


Spencer on left, Patti on the right. These little ones would like to stay together.  Want two sweet little faces to wake up to every morning??  This pair is for you. They are OK with cats and calm dogs.

Gizmo and Faline

Gizmo - male - black Faline - female - tabby

Gizmo – male – black
Faline – female – tabby

DOB: Dec. 5, 2015

ADOPTED – Gizmo is the most adventurous of these siblings, always looking for new places to explore.

ADOPTED - Faline is the most affectionate, looking to snuggle with you until it’s time to run and play with her brother, Gizmo, and her sister, Nala.

Gizmo has lived with dogs.



Nala - female

Nala – female

DOB: Dec. 5, 2015


Nala loves to snuggle.  When she isn’t on your lap, she enjoys running,chasing,playing with her brother, Gizmo, and sister Faline.  Nala has lived with dogs.


JR - male

JR – male

DOB: January 2013


JR is a calm sweet loving young man. He has a soft grey fur coat and is looking to make you his own special person.