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Joan Collins

Joan Collins - female

Joan Collins – female

DOB: 2019


Joan Collins is a young sweet movie star that loves to be around people.  She is cat, and possibly dog friendly.  Joan would also do well around kids.


Smoky - male

Smoky – male

DOB: 2016


Smoky is big lap cat who was hanging out with (and apparently neutered as tnr) some shy ferals.  He’s doing very well with other cats but is afraid of big dogs.  He has the plushest coat and that handsome face!!  If you’re looking for a cat of that color, check him out.


Keegan - male

Keegan – male

DOB: June 2019


Keegan is a very good boy and quite affectionate.  This poor kitty was abandoned in a very bad neighborhood.  He is happy to have a warm place to sleep and plentiful food.Keegan1


Maddy - female

Maddy – female

DOB: 2019


Beware of this cat!
She will beg for attention, climb into your lap, and head-butt your hand at every opportunity!
She is a dream.  Very attentive to her person.
Maddy (about 1 year old) was found on a city street with many other cast-away cats.  She is so desperate for attention!  She is very thin, she’s been waiting for someone to save her.
She needs you!

Mae West

Mae West - female

Mae West – female

DOB: 2019


This tiny little gorgeous kitty is like a Rag Doll kitty.  She LOVES to be picked up and cuddled. Mae is cat and dog friendly and would do well with kids.  She was found as a stray and no one came forward to claim her.


Gloria - female

Gloria – female

DOB: 2017


Meet Gloria!
She is the sweetest rescued girl. Gloria is a tiny, (maybe 5 lb), 3-4 yr old. She loves to play. She is being bullied by the other cats at her foster home, so we are stepping up our efforts to find her a home. A cat free home might be best for her. She loves to cuddle, and is very social, good with gentle children.


Stuart - male

Stuart – male

DOB: August, 2019


Stuart LOVES to hug.  He is playful and energetic.  He would be good with kids and very likely get along well with other cats.

Giuseppe and Lucia

Giuseppe - male

Giuseppe – male

DOB: Oct 2019


Giuseppe and Lucia were free kittens being given away on social media. P.A.N. wanted them to have a GOOD home.
They are VERY playful, active, and purr loudly.

Lucia - female

Lucia – female


Joey - male

Joey – male

DOB: May, 2019


Joey is a gorgeous spotted brown tabby. He is brother to Jodi. He is curious and  interested in what is happening but also not a pushy kitty. He is a little shy about being picked up, but he will get over that and be a great family member.


Julia - female

Julia – female

DOB: 2018


I am shy at first but very sweet and loveable. A quiet, adult home would be best for me. I don’t want to share the love with another cat in the house so I would like to be the only Queen of my Castle. I just need an understanding family to give me a chance.


Penny - female

Penny – female

DOB: 2018


Penny is a sweet, loving girl. She is good around other friendly cats and would be good with older kids. Penny just wants a warm, loving home to call her own.

Midnight Martini

MM - female

MM – female

DOB: 2017-18


She was abandoned and sought shelter under a porch. Someone in the neighborhood fed her when they saw her. She loves giving kisses, and rolls over for attention. She is social with friendly cats.


Lester - male

Lester – male

DOB: early 2019


Lester was a rescued stray when he came to P.A.N. He was spotted sleeping under a lawn chair for shelter. He is quite the lover boy, and so handsome! Lester is so great, you’ll NEVER be sorry you brought him home!!

Blake and Tanya

Tanya-left-female Blake - right-male

Blake – right-male

DOB: April 26, 2019


Blake and Tanya are a bonded pair. Born in the same litter they have been in their foster home together since rescued.  They are very attached and we would like to see them spend the rest of their lives together.  Blake likes to give kisses on your hands, face, and toes, Tanya is more independent, good with other cats, older kids, but recommend no dogs.



Lisa - female

Lisa – female

DOB: August 3, 2019


I was found in the wheel well of a trailer.  All alone, all my my self, so sad. I am a pretty little girl and I think I will have gorgeous long hair when grown. Oh…also, I like to sleep with my human.


Brittany - female

Brittany – female Patch Tabby

DOB: late September



Alvin - male Red Tabby

Alvin – male
Red Tabby

DOB: late September



Jeanette - female Patch tabby

Jeanette – female
Patch tabby

DOB: late September


All my siblings have been adopted.  I’m feeling a bit  lonely now.  I’m still looking for a home to call my own.  Might it be with you???


Eleanor - female Pastel Calico

Eleanor – female
Pastel Calico

DOB: late September, 2019



Calista - female

Calista – female

DOB: May, 2019


A very sweet, playful young lady. She would be great with other cats, or kids.  Abandoned on the streets, she longs for a home of her own.


Luther - male

Luther – male

DOB: 2018


Luther was part of a group of strays being fed by a kind woman. He was so friendly, she brought him to PAN to get a home. Luther is very interested in being with his foster mom at all times, following her like a dog.

He’ll gleefully jump in an available lap. A new person in the house will have to give him a little space, until he trusts them. Living on the street makes one cautious.


Button - female

Button – female

DOB: June 6, 2019


Look up the definition of “cute” in a dictionary and I’m sure you will see a picture of me.  I would love to lay on your chest and caress your face till we both fall asleep.


Buttercup - female

Buttercup – female

DOB: Late 2018


Buttercup simply walked into a city home and promptly had her kittens there. She’s been in three foster homes, but that is because she’s afraid to be picked up. So she needs a quiet adult home with someone who knows about timid cats and what great snugglers they can be.
Blanca, (another kitty looking for a home) has become friendly with Buttercup. They like each other and will help each other become comfortable with humans.

Venus La Doll

Venus - female

Venus La Doll – female

DOB: 2017


Venus is generously sponsored by:
Julie Schwetz

A calm, super friendly lap cat, she was abandoned in the city like so many others.  Cat and dog friendly.

Cherry Sparkle

Cherry Sparkle - female

Cherry Sparkle – female

DOB: Late 2018


A friendly lap cat that was abandoned on the mean streets of the city.  She appreciates every act of kindness.  Cat and dog friendly.


Winnie - female

Winnie – female

DOB: 8/2019


Winnie is a bouncy, friendly, fun loving little girl. “I’m looking for a great home after being abandoned on the cold streets of the city.  I just want to be warm, safe, and loved”.

Cookie and Cream

Cookie - female

Cookie – female

DOB: May 1, 2019


Cookie is very friendly and loves to be pet.  She will sit on your lap and then roll over for tummy rubs!!  Cookie has soft, beautiful shiny fur.  She is  good with other cats and mellow dogs.

Cream - female

Cream – female

Cream is VERY loving.  She will rub against your legs until you finally give in and pet her. She loves the attention. Cream has the shiniest, beautiful, soft, black fur. She is good with other cats and would be fine with a mellow, calm dog.


Tammy - female

Tammy – female

DOB: 2018


Tammy was “put out” of the house because a resident was allergic. This is EXACTLY one of the leading causes of stray cats, especially in the city. Most stray cats are because of irresponsible people.  She didn’t run away from home, she was abandoned.
She is now living in a foster home and loving the attention. Tammy is outgoing and playful.  She’ll be a great companion for the family.


Bryson - male

Bryson – male

DOB approx. Feb. 2019


Besides being a REAL good looking young adult, Bryson is a lovable, interactive guy. He reaches up to you when he wants to be picked up. Bryson needs alot of attention. He was found as a stray, so we know nothing of his history. But he seems quite leery of dogs.Bryson (1)


Blanca - female

Blanca – female

DOB: 2017/2018

This blue eyed beauty put herself in a trap meant for a truly feral cat, so she got spayed, vaccines and tested-negative.  Mildly shy at first, she lives with people and cats with never a swat. She rolls over and snuggles, purring.  We’re thinking a quiet household would fit best.  To meet her, please email so we can arrange for her to be there.


Randall - male

Randall – male

DOB: August 5, 2019


Very sweet kitten looking for a gentle, loving  home. He was abandoned at 6 wks of age, in a parking lot.  He will be altered at the end of Oct.

Chrissy & Mandy

Chrissy and Mandy - females

Chrissy and Mandy – females

DOB: August 5, 2019


Very sweet kitten family looking for gentle, loving  homes. They were abandoned at 6 wks of age, in a parking lot.  They will be altered at the end of Oct

Hannah and Rebecca

Hannah and Rebecca females

Hannah and Rebecca

DOB: Early July 2019


Hannah and Rebecca were found at an exit off the Parkway. They are nice, gentle girls with beautiful markings. They sure look much better than when they were found! These pretty girls will sit on an available lap for hours!
Please help us find them a new family.

Moon River

Moon River - female

Moon River – female

DOB: July 8, 2019



Broadway - male

Broadway – male

DOB:  July 8, 2019

Broadway is generously sponsored by:
Cindy Tokarz




Summer – female

DOB: 6-1-2018


Summer is a playful young little girl.  She is a ton of fun, very petite. and affectionate. It was difficult to get a great photo of her because all she wanted to do was play when it was time for her photo shoot. We sure had fun trying though.


Bernadette - female

Bernadette – female

DOB: July 8, 2019

Bernadette is ADOPTED!!

Ann Margaret

Ann Margaret - female

Ann Margaret – female

DOB: July 8, 2019

Ann Margaret is ADOPTED!!


Skitty - female

Skitty – female

DOB: Late July



Eevee - female

Eevee – female

DOB: Late July





DOB:  April 27, 2019


A stately lady, I get along well with other cats after a proper introduction. However, I would make a great only cat if you want me all for yourself.


Rio - female

Rio – female

DOB:  May 21, 2019


I had two siblings with the same coloring as me, but I’m the cutest. I love to play with all my foster friends, but what I really want is a home of my very own.


Julius - male

Julius – male

DOB:  May 21, 2019


Julius is especially sweet. You will fall in love with this beautiful black panther look alike. By the way..he loves kisses!!


Jay - male

Jay – male

DOB: May 21, 2019



Chloe - female

Chloe – female

DOB:  May 21, 2019



Precious - female

Precious – female

DOB: 2014

Precious is generously sponsored by:
Julie Schwetz


Precious is a dog in cat form.  She follows her foster mom everywhere.  Spends hours with her human and never tires of being in close proximity. She also gets along with calm dogs.  If one gets a little out of line, Precious knows how to handle herself and get her point across with a growl or hiss. She loves to spend her time watching TV with her humans and her foster dogs. She is an all around friendly kitty.


Pikachu - male

Pikachu – male

DOB: Late July


Meet Pikachu!! He is ready to find his new home.




DOB: June 15, 2019


This little cutie is playful, affectionate and ready to find a new home!!




DOB: June 15, 2019


This little cutie is playful, affectionate and ready to find a new home!!

Campy and Smudge

Campy-tabby-male Smudge-grey-female


DOB: June 15, 2019

These cuties are playful, affectionate and ready to find their new homes!!

Smudge is ADOPTED!!

Campy is ADOPTED!!


Twiggy - female

Twiggy – female

DOB:  May 15


This little kitty was so thin that we called her Twiggy, but after some TLC, she’s filling in nicely. She’ll be fine with other cats, has not yet met a dog, seems to like a quiet household.


Fancy - female

Fancy – female

DOB: April 26, 2019




Reba – female

DOB: April 26, 2019


Reba is a gorgeous long haired brown tabby. She can be skittish at first but will just curl into your arms or lap once she is being held.  She will also purr up a storm when being held.  Good with other cats but she would do better in a home with no dogs (or a very calm dog) and older kids.


Shania - female

Shania – female

DOB:April 26, 2019


Shania is a smooth black, short hair, female kitten.  She is also very friendly and playful and will purr the second she is picked up and held.  She likes other cats, but hasn’t been around  dogs and kids.

Milo and Asher



Milo and Asher are ready to find a purrr-sonal home of their own!!

Asher - male

Asher – male

Milo - male

Milo – male

Milo and AsherMilo & Asher pictured here with a member of their foster family.

Amber and Blaze

Amber (F) and Blaze(M)

Amber (F) and Blaze(M)

DOB: 6-1-2019


Carl and Darryl

Darryl - male

Darryl – male

DOB: May 2019


Carl is available.

Carl and his adorable bro, Darryl, are the nicest of babies! They came from a bad situation, and their mom was killed by a car . They are super friendly, and purr non-stop.

Carl - male

Carl – male

Holly Berry

Holly Berry - female

Holly Berry – female

DOB: 2013


This is Holly Berry, a purebred Ragdoll. Her owner bought her from Country Cabin Ragdolls just before Christmas six years ago. Her mom passed away a couple of years ago and dad is going into assisted living and can not take Holly with him. She is six years old and very affectionate with people of all ages. Very soft and cuddly. She likes dogs but does not do well with cats. She grew up with a dog as her companion. Must be only cat in household.


Jackson - male

Jackson – male

DOB: 2018

I’m playful and friendly with kids or a calm dog.  I’m a bit too rough with other cats. I like to follow you around and be a part of family activities.


Sally - female

Sally – female

DOB: 2014


Sally is gentle and affectionate. She is terrified of new places until she gets used to the area. She needs a quiet home with someone who understands that she will need a bit of time to become comfortable.


Chaplin - male

Chaplin – male

DOB: May 5, 2019


Chaplin is, by far, the brave one. He’s the one that pushes himself to the front of a cage and the first to slip out of the room. He would do well with another young energetic cat to help him work off his energy.


Marty - male

Marty – male

DOB: May 5, 2019




Cleo – female

DOB: May 5, 2019


Cleo is gentle and super cute. Looking for her furr-ever home.


Tazzy - female

Tazzy – female

DOB: May 5, 2019


A little shy, Tazzy is a purring sweetheart with a yellow tip on the tail.


Lucky - male

Lucky – male

DOB: May 5, 2019


Lucky is a little skittish and will need someone to be patient with his fears. He still has prominent stripes throughout his black coat and will be a very handsome boy.



Ebony- female

DOB: May 5, 2019


Fred and Ginger

Ginger - Female Fred -  male

Ginger – Female
Fred – male

DOB: Ginger – young adult,
Fred – early May


Polydactyl – extra toes
Ginger and Fred were just rescued from a mobile home park where people have moved and abandoned cats for years. A terrible place for them.
Gingers kitten, Fred was born probably early May. These gorgeous kitties have MANY TOES? She is very sweet and calm, Fred needs a little reassurance. There’s been lots of changes in his young life

Mr. Spock

Mr. Spock - male

Mr. Spock – male

DOB: 2016


Meet Mr. Spock….. very sweet, chatty 3 yr old neutered male


Sapphire - female

Sapphire – female


Sapphire is a Siamese mix.  2-3 years old, a very nice girl.  She was left to roam the streets because someone was hoping for a white kitten with blue eyes.  After many litters she has been rescued!!


GroupThese cuties will be available for adoption in Mid June

Kate – Dilute Calico (ADOPTED)
Julie – Calico (ADOPTED)
Billy – Black (ADOPTED)
Joey – Grey and White (ADOPTED)
Anne – Dilute Calico (ADOPTED)

Billy - male

Billy – male


Cassie - female

Cassie – female

DOB:  12/2018


Cassie was abandoned on the streets and left to fend for herself.  She is very happy to be indoors and warm.  She will make an excellent, loving companion.  Other cats and older kids are OK!

Fiona Grace

Fiona Grace - female

Fiona Grace – female

DOB: 2014


Fiona Grace is looking for a new home! She was returned to PAN from Florida, by her owner that couldn’t keep her.  He loved her very much and only trusted us to rehome her.  She is a plus size girl (although she is doing very well with her diet, losing weight).  She is VERY affectionate and wants to be with her person at all times.  We don’t think she has lived with other animals previously.  Fiona Grace is approximately 9 yrs old, in good health.  She is amazingly well adjusted after an all day plane ride from Florida and being abandoned by her person.  Email us at, and her foster mom will give you a call.

Grace has taken a liking to the calm dog in her foster home.



Muffin – female

DOB: March 2, 2019



Maya - female

Maya – female

DOB: March 2, 2019



Muffin - female

Mittens – female

DOB: March 2, 2019

Now available for adoption

Juliette & Raquel

DOB: Spring 2018


Looking for twice the love and affection? These petite girls would love to accommodate! They are very social and beautiful. The people in the house didn’t want them and the girls were going to be put outside. They are now spayed.


Juliette – female

Raquel - female

Raquel – female


We would consider separating them, but how wonderful if these sisters could stay together.


Surprise - male

Surprise – male

DOB: 2017


Surprise is generously sponsored by:
Thomas Leuci

Surprise is cat & dog friendly. Very passive & super sweet. You will fall in love with his big expressive eyes that give him a surprised look. He was found on the streets with severe bebe wounds on his backside. Surprise loves his toys, being brushed, & attention.


Elmer - male

Elmer – male


Elmer is generously sponsored by:
Paul Barry

Elmer is generously sponsored by:
Paul Barry – again – THANK YOU Paul


Elmer was living a very tough life on a city street. It left him with serious wounds. After medical attention he is feeling much better. He would like to try life on the inside. He is very friendly, and likes attention.


Jacob - male

Jacob – male

DOB: early 2018


Jacob was rescued after being found on a street corner, begging for food. He’s a very nice guy, very affectionate with a silly chirpy voice. When he got to his foster home, she discovered a fresh wound on his side. Probably a BB is embedded under the skin. Surgery is scheduled, still he is good natured. This guy needs a much better future than his past!



Patches – female

DOB: 2017?


Are you looking for a loving, sweet cat? I’m your gal. I was spayed last year, right about this time. No one had room to take me so I had to go back to the hard, cold streets of Rochester. Every day when the feeder came, I begged for her to take me to a warm, friendly place. Well it took a year, but I am now up for adoption and hope someone is ready for hugs and kisses.Patches2


Paddington - male

Paddington – male

DOB: 2014


This is the sweetest cat ever! This poor little man was abandoned on the street with a bad eye. The shelter that took him in did surgery and now he has to wear his goofy cone…. The cone is coming off soon and this gentle giant will be very happy! Paddington loves to have his belly rubbed!


Henry - male

Henry – male

DOB:  2017


Henry is very cuddly and loves to be handled. Gentle in nature and very friendly,  he would be good with other nice cats and older kids. A bit of a grooming nightmare, Henry needs someone willing to brush him often to keep his soft bunny fur in good shape!


Mimi - female

Mimi – female

DOB: 2014


Mimi is very affectionate and would make an excellent companion kitty. Unsure about other cats, she may be best as an only pet. Mimi would thrive in a loving, stable home.


Kingston - male

Kingston – male

DOB: 2014


Kingston can be a little shy at 1st, but very sweet and loving once he feels at home. He may do well with other calm cats, but young children would frighten him. Poor Kingston has had a tough life and would love to snuggle up with you on the sofa. He just needs a kind family willing to give him a chance.


Bea - female

Bea – female

DOB: 2009

Beatrice is generously sponsored by:
Marie Speranza


Meet Beatrice, our newest senior girl.
She was on her way to a kill shelter, when P.A.N. agreed to take her. She had painful medical issues that had never been taken care of. Bea has had those problems addressed. She’s feeling much better now, head butting and asking for attention. She is even playing with her favorite green mouse!
She is desperate for a loving home to spend the rest of her life. She does have kidney disease, so a special diet is in order.

She really needs an angel take her in………please contact us for a meet and greet!


Luigi - male

Luigi – male

DOB: 2014


This 5 year old male is  looking for a special home.  Luigi would do best in a quiet home without dogs or children. He was once a pet but was abandoned and spent past few years on the streets. He is sweet once he trusts you but on his terms. He loves other cats catnip and snacks..  He will  need a person who is patient and let him come around in his own time. He will be a wonderful indoor pet to the right person.



Tre – female

DOB: 2014


This pretty and petite little girl showed up where a friend of ours feeds spayed feral cats. Friendly, thin and hungry, she integrated quickly with other indoor cats.
She tested negative for fiv and feleuk, was given new vaccines, and the vet found a spay mark. Best guess she’s around 5 years old. Next goal: a dental for her, she has one tooth that should be removed and some tartar on the rest.



Patrick – male – polydactyl

DOB: 2018


Meet Patrick!!  Patrick was found trying to survive on the street.  He is such a mushy guy, he definitely had a loving home at one time.  When he’s nervous, he climbs into your arms for reassurance.

His extra toes are so cute!!


Dexter - male

Dexter – male

DOB: 2017

Dexter is generously sponsored by:
John Signorino


Dexter appeared in the 590-104 area where a resident feeds a couple of ferals. Thing is, he’s not feral. He begs to be handled, and brought to his foster home, seems calm around the other cats, and happy to be warm and fed.
Having been checked out by the vet (and neutered) he is ready for a new indoor home. Dex is a good size , handsome, confident boy, ready to make friends with everybody.


Princess - female

Princess – female

DOB: 2015


You will find Princess to be outgoing, and very friendly. She is a chatty young lady who would love to cuddle with her special person.


Cliffy - male

Cliffy – male

DOB: 2016


“I’m a sweet, friendly big fluffy kitty.  I am a little cautious of new situations but quickly warm up once I’m comfortable in my new place.  I just need a home to call my own”.


Emerald - female

Emerald – female

DOB: 2017


When you look into her emerald eyes, you will see a cat longing to be loved after living as a stray on the city streets.  Emerald is a tiny sweet cuddle cat.


Francesca - female

Francesca – female

DOB:  2018


Francesca was left behind when her family moved.  She was waiting at the their house for months.  When a volunteer went to check it out, Francesca came running to the car, happily meowing.  Probably hoping for her family.
She is a VERY sweet, affectionate lovebug.


Nolan - male

Nolan – male

DOB: March, 2018

Nolan is generously sponsored by
Julie Schwetz


This Maine Coon mix had been on his own for some time before coming to P.A.N. He’s doing well in his foster home and we’re working on grooming. It’s amazing to us that these rough looking guys, after a week or two, climb into an available lap. He must have had a home at one time, Nolan is a big guy, with an very unique voice. He’ll need a bit of patience, but he sure likes attention! He’d probably do best as an only pet.

Meg (Meggie)

Meggie - female

Meggie – female

DOB: Feb. 4, 2018


Meg was raised in a household with several other cats.  Her owner had to move and was unable to take the cats to the new location. Meg loves to be held and will be a loving companion cat. She has a very sweet nature and is ready to find her fur-ever home. Meg has the most beautiful blue eyes.Meg


Brownie - female

Brownie – female

DOB: 2015


Brownie is gentle and quiet. She has lived with other cats and children, though her shyness makes us think older kids might be best. Poor Brownie lost her home due to her family’s financial troubles, and she doesn’t understand what happened. She will need someone willing to give her a little time to get comfortable and blossom. This pretty girl just wants to be loved.


Bunny - female

Bunny – female

DOB:  2013


Bunny is one “snuggle bunny”!  And without a tail, she looks like a bunny  She rolls around on the floor, waiting to climb into her foster moms lap, to cuddle in her arms. Bunny has lived with cats, but not dogs.


Smokey - male Senior to Senior adopton

Smokey – male
Senior to Senior adoption

DOB: 2007


Polydactyl – all 4 feet.
Smokey lived with a dog, cat and kids until he was caught up in a domestic violence situation. He’s a good cat, very resilient, adapting quickly to a new home with several other cats. He likes canned food and sleeping in front of the heat run.
His vaccines are freshly updated and he’s feline leukemia and FIV negative.
Smokey has had repeated ear infections. A close look at his ears in the picture reveals scar tissue from old hematomas, from scratching hard at the itch.
Available as senior for senior


Cupid - male

Cupid – male

DOB: Mid November 2018


Cupid was found outside and was being threatened by dogs.  Cupid and his sibling Bella and Comet are a little shy, but love other cats. Photos were taken mid December, so they are a little bit bigger – but ADORABLE!


Comet - male

Comet – male

DOB: Mid November 2018


Comet was found outside and was being threatened by dogs.  Comet and his siblings Bella and Cupid are a little shy, but love other cats. Photos were taken mid December, so they are a little bit bigger – but ADORABLE!