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Maggie for webDOB: 2007

“Oh, dear. Look what’s happened to my figure.  My foster mom loves me, though. She says I’m still a pretty girl, and she likes a cat who likes to be petted and gets along with the other cats. Maggie May, Basil
Here’s me in 2008 with my little guy Basil.
I’m available as a senior (whatever that means) and I have lived with a dog that I liked and a puppy that I didn’t. I think a respectful laid back dog would be OK.”


BonnieDOB: 2006

Generously sponsored by:
Kim Estler


Miss Chubbie McChubster needs a quiet home with lots of snuggle time and an exercise plan. She’s a British  Shorthair looking beauty with that wide face, and she wants to remind everybody that the more gray hair you have, the cuter you look. She will curl up next to her person in a quiet household. In a busy one she will hide under the bed and come out to sleep on the bed when nobody is looking.Bonnie She is affectionate though, and has the nicest rabbit-fur coat. If someone would like to meet her, just please give us a day or two to set that up.
Bonnie is available for Senior to Senior Adoption


RachelDate of Birth: August 2003

Rachel is generously sponsored by:
Lenny Reiser

Available for Forgotten Feline Friend
and/or Senior to Senior adoption

“I’m playful and affectionate. My features are very small and I will probably be a petite kitty. I love to be petted and cuddled. A little cautious of new cats at first, I can be okay with them once I get to know them – as long as they don’t push too hard. I would do best as an only cat though.”

Holly Sue

HollySueDate of Birth: 2007

Holly is generously sponsored by:
Douglas Parker

Available for Forgotten Feline Friend and/or Senior to Senior adoption.

Holly Sue is a chatty kitty, OK with dogs and laid back other cats. She would do well in a quiet environment with an experienced guardian. She is generally healthy but had been having seizures. Now she is on medication for that and has become seizure free and pretty good about taking her pills. Please ask for a private interview.


Date of Birth: July, 2008

Brittany is being generously sponsored by Sheryl Dunbar

Available for Forgotten Feline Friend and/or Senior to Senior adoption.

Hi – My name is Brittany. I was rescued from the mean, cold, dangerous streets. Thank You to my rescuers!! But, surprise …. three weeks later, I gave birth to 5 beautiful babies.  All my kittens have been adopted, now it’s my turn to have a family of my own.


Date of Birth: 2004

Iscee is being generously sponsored by Julie Schwetz

Available as a Forgotten Feline Friend Available as a Senior to Senior

Iscee is a quiet, sweet little girl. She needs a family who does not have children. Iscee loves to be petted  on her back, tail, chin and belly. She can be picked up by a person who knows how to be gentle and secure. She really is a sweetheart and would be great in a house without animals who are high spirited. She does not mind my 13 year old Beagle. If given a chance Iscee would make you very happy.


Available as forgotten feline friend adoption

Date of Birth: 2005

Sponsored by the Chronic Care Teams 44 & 45 from Monroe County Human Services.

Available for Forgotten Feline Friend and/or Senior to Senior adoption.

“Nellie is a pretty, dainty little cat, but she’s not a well kitty now. She might do better on some special diet but she is unwilling to be confined to one room in this multi-cat foster home. How appropriate that she’s sponsored by the chronic care teams…we just try to keep her as comfortable as possible.”


Date of Birth: March 2006

Tammy is generously sponsored by
Sandra Wheeler

Available for:
Forgotten Feline Friend
and/or Senior to Senior adoption.

Tammy is also a special placement kitty: She was abandoned with her kitten at a local shelter. Her baby was adopted a long time ago & poor Tammy was left behind. A high energy kitty, Tammy needs to keep busy – she loves to chase her furry mice, runs up & down her large scratching post and has a very big appetite for such a slim girl. Tammy’s activity level is way too high for most other cats to tolerate, so she may be best as an only cat. She has been indoor only since we’ve had her, which would be our preference, but she might be happiest as an indoor/outdoor kitty if the home was in a safe location. Some might say that Tammy has a slight case of Attention Deficit Disorder – she’s just a very busy girl. Tammy does not show well at our adoption center so she does not come for regular adoption days. A special viewing can be arranged upon request. Tammy needs a very special person willing to give her a chance.


Date of Birth: June 2008

Trudy is generously sponsored by:
Kevin and Virigina Satter

Available for:
Forgotten Feline Friend
and/or Senior to Senior adoption.

I was abandoned at a local shelter with my kittens who have all been adopted. I haven’t been tested with dogs yet – they might be OK.   I would love to curl up on the sofa with you for a nap. “