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Charlie - male

Charlie – male

DOB: mid 2016

Charlie was a favorite at one of our local shelters.  Overlooked for adoption likely because he is black, the most overlooked color of animals, dogs and cats alike.  He is very friendly, chatty and good with kids and possibly dogs.


Valentino - male

Valentino – male

DOB: 2016

Valentino is a sweet loveable boy. He is good with kids but he doesn’t like dogs.


Dee - male

Dee – male

DOB:  2016

Dee is from one of our local shelters.  Sadly he was overlooked so often and his time was running out so we decided to take him into our organization and find him a deserving home. He is probably waiting for YOU.


Carl - male

Carl – male

DOB: mid 2016

Carl is a very sweet loving little guy.  Friendly, playful and OK with other cats. Although he hasn’t been dog tested yet, might be good with a pooch that is calm in nature.


Dani - female

Dani – female

DOB: summer 2016

Danielle is generously sponsored by:
Julieana Modjeski

Danielle is generously sponsored by:
Steven Owens

Danielle is generously sponsored by:
Julie Schwetz

Dani is now ready to be adopted after months of care after a nasty injury.  She’s good as new!!!  After having  so many unpleasant trips to the Vet, going to the Adoption Center made her very uneasy. Danielle Now it is time for her to be comfortable in a loving home.


Clementine - female

Clementine – female

DOB: September, 2014

Clementine is generously sponsored by:
Julieana Modjeski

Clementine is a red tabby; she got her name from those little tangerines, you know the ones?  Clemmie is blind or near blind, her pupils don’t react to light at all. She’s young and was a stray, she couldn’t have lived long on the street like that, but we don’t know what happened to her. She does very well loose inside the house, works around most other cats (unless they hiss or growl at her), and finds food, water, and litter box all on her own. She won’t surf your counter! But she has to be watched around stairs.
Clemmie may have been handled roughly, or maybe she always was a feisty little thing. She likes to be petted but not picked up. She likes to be near someone, maybe she sees motion and masses or she follows the sounds of someone moving and settles nearby.
She needs a special someone in a safe setting, to let her blossom into the kitty she’s meant to be despite the challenges she’s had.



Penny - female

Vanessa – female

DOB:  2009

Vanessa LOVES people but is not overly fond of other cats.  She would prefer to be the Queen of her own household.


Louie - male

Louie – male

DOB: 2012

Louie is generously sponsored by:
Julieana Modjeski

Louie is generously sponsored by:
Julie Schwetz

Poor Louie!!  He was abandoned by family members after the love of his life entered into a nursing home.  He went from being curled up on a loving lap to having to survive on his own. Who does that???? Can you be Louie’s new love?  He will be forever grateful.



Carolina - female

Carolina – female

DOB: mid 2015

Carolina is generously sponsored by:
Lois Miner Huey

All of Carolina’s kittens have been adopted. While she does live with other cats, she has a little streak of princess and would just as soon be an only pet.  May-be she could be a Queen in your household?


Danny - male

Danny – male

DOB:  2009

Danny is generously sponsored by:
Julieana Modjeski

Danny is generously sponsored by:
Julie Schwetz

Danny was given up by his previous owners because they were not able to afford medication for his severe flea allergies.
He was treated, neutered but then overlooked – even on a “Free Adoption Day” – at our local city shelter.
May-be because he is a black kitty?    Sadly they are always the last to be chosen.
Danny deserves an indoor, flea free home with lots of petting and healthy food.  We are confident he will bond quickly and become a contented, loving companion. Soon after bringing Danny to PAN we discovered he has FIV. We expect him to live a long, normal life.
Click here to read about FIV:  http://


Logan - male

Logan – male

Dob:  2015

Logan is generously sponsored by:
Marcia Osborn


Logan was rescued from the street, after being a stray for some time.  When he started limping, the neighbors called PAN. He’s fine after some antibiotics.  His favorite pastime is curling up on a lap.  Or, maybe eating, THEN sitting on a lap.  Being on the street has taught him to be fearful of dogs.


Georgia - female

Georgia – female – available for Senior Program

DOB:  2004

Available for our Senior Program.

Georgia is an incredibly affectionate, gentle older lady.  She was one of ours as a kitten and her current family was moving out of the area and was unable to take her with them. So here she is  – back with PAN once again, looking for a place to call home.


Lila - female

Lila – female

DOB: January 1, 2014

Lila is generously sponsored by:
Kim Estler

Hey, Lila here….. Let me tell you a little about myself.  I was found at a local shelter, hiding under my bed and hoping no one would notice me.  Let me tell you, it’s tough to hide when you are a little “big boned” like myself!  I did get picked by the nice people here at PAN, though, and I have come a long way.  I no longer hide under my bedding and I sit on top of my bed at adoption day, and am usually happy to get a little scratch on the head.  I am very uncomfortable around other cats, dogs and young kids, though, so I would be happiest in an adult home as an only pet. (Well, OK, I guess a tank of fish would be fine – they are fun to watch).  I am working on my waistline, but it is a slow process.  I am hoping for someone willing to give me a little time and space to settle in.  I’m not the kind of cat that will accept being carried around or forced to sit on laps, but I will sit by you and and we can watch TV together.  I just need someone willing to let me be me, and not try to make me into something I’m not.  I like a peaceful home and a stable environment.  Do you think we could be friends?


Tammy – female

Date of Birth: March 2006

Tammy is generously sponsored by
Sandra Wheeler

Available for our Senior to Senior adoption.

Tammy is also a special placement kitty: She was abandoned with her kitten at a local shelter. Her baby was adopted a long time ago & poor Tammy was left behind. A high energy kitty, Tammy needs to keep busy – she loves to chase her furry mice, runs up & down her large scratching post and has a very big appetite for such a slim girl. Tammy’s activity level is way too high for most other cats to tolerate, so she may be best as an only cat. She has been indoor only since we’ve had her, which would be our preference, but she might be happiest as an indoor/outdoor kitty if the home was in a safe location. Some might say that Tammy has a slight case of Attention Deficit Disorder – she’s just a very busy girl. Tammy does not show well at our adoption center so she does not come for regular adoption days. A special viewing can be arranged upon request. Tammy needs a very special person willing to give her a chance.



Iscee - female - senior

Iscee – female – senior

Date of Birth: 2004

Iscee is being generously sponsored by Julie Schwetz

Available as a Senior to Senior

Iscee is a quiet, sweet little girl. She needs a family who does not have children. Iscee loves to be pet on her back, tail, chin and belly.  Iscee1She can be picked up by a person who knows how to be gentle and secure. She really is a sweetheart and would be great in a house without animals who are high spirited. She does not mind my 13 year old Beagle. If given a chance Iscee would make you very happy.


Viola - female

Viola – female

DOB: late 2011

Viola is generously sponsored by:
Mary  Ellen  Lansing

Viola is a very affectionate,  young adult, with stunning colors.  Viola would blossom in a quiet home, a lot of noise makes her worry. She is very at home on a loving lap.  She’s had to compete in her foster home for one-on-one  time, and would love her own purr-son.  Viola lives with dogs in her foster home and loves them.

Black Velvet

Black Velvet

Black Velvet – female

DOB: Late June 2012

Black Velvet is generously sponsored by: Hisayo Thornton  (from Western Australia)

Who would have thought a scrawny, stray kitten found outside would become this shiny beauty, and sports a super soft coat. She is very cat friendly, and even likes the dogs – at a bit of a distance.  She takes a little time to warm up to a new person, but then … just TRY to get her off your lap!  She lives with Viola.

Holly Sue


Holly Sue – female

Date of Birth: 2007

Holly is generously sponsored by:
Douglas Parker

Available for our Senior to Senior program

Holly Sue is a chatty kitty, OK with dogs and laid back other cats. She would do well in a quiet environment with an experienced guardian. She does not like to be held or moved in a carrier. Please ask for a private interview.



Liz Taylor


Liz Taylor – female

DOB:  2011

Liz Taylor is generously sponsored by:
Autumn Angielczyk


“Hello fans.  I know you can’t get enough of me.  I am so beautiful.  Today I am featuring  one of my newest pieces of jewelry.  Isn’t it lovely?  You might be able to have your own private interview with me, all you have to do is e-mail PAN and I will do whatever I can to make your wishes come true.”



Summer – female

DOB:  April 15, 2013

Summer is generously sponsored by:  Deborah Stearns

Summer is one of her foster Mom’s favorites! She is always looking for an opportunity to occupy a warm lap, as pictured here. Between cuddles, she runs and plays with those fun fake fuzzy mice!
Summer is quite comfortable with cats & calm dogs.Summer Sunning 1-13                                                    Summer is just waiting to be able to bask in the sunshine like she is doing in this picture.  She would love to be able to do it in her own fur-ever home.