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Alaska - female

Alaska – female

DOB:  2014

Alaska is a friendly and chatty young cat that plays like a kitten. She likes to be around her people and would rather not spend a lot of time alone. If you want a kitty to have long conversations with,  this is your girl! We have determined that she would be best as an only cat – we don’t yet know how she would be with a dog.


Foxy - female

Foxy – female

DOB:  around 2006

Foxy is generously sponsored by:
Steven Owens

“My name is Foxy. I’ve had several homes and none have been very stable. My last daddy lost his apartment and could not keep me with him while looking for a new place to live. A nice family with lots of kitties took me in until he could find a new home for both of us. It’s been a while and now I know he has forgotten all about me. I am sad and need love and a new home. Could it be with you?”


Lila - female

Lila – female

DOB: January 1, 2014

Lila is a sweet, cuddly girl  AND orange.  We don’t often see orange females, they are predominately males.


Jack - male

Jack – male

DOB: Spring 2004

Jack is an easy going, laid back senior.  He was well cared for in his previous home, but because of many changes in his life, he needed to return to PAN.  Yes, he was one of our kittens in 2004.  We are here for him and will find him another home he can call his own.

Available for senior to senior program


Amore - male

Amore – male

DOB: Sept. 1, 2013

Amore is generously sponsored by:
Paul Huey – a gift from Marion Quiram

Amore is generously sponsored by:
Marcia K Osborn

“Amore” has been living on the streets for some time, with a few battle scars to prove it. He is one big guy, 15 lbs, full of purring, head butting and “happy feet”.  Amore is a very special guy!


Clara - female

Clara – female

DOB:  2014

Clara is a very pretty, 6 lb kitty.  She came into a shelter as a skinny stray.  She is so loving and sweet, she must have had a family at some point.  Clara needs a someone with a snuggly lap and a loving heart.


Salem - female

Salem – female

DOB:  March/April 2015

Meet Salem.  She just walked up to the fosters home and demanded to be picked up. After checking to make sure she didn’t belong to anyone in the area, Salem saw the vet, has had all her shots and was spayed.

She weighs in at 6.5 pounds, loves being indoors and checking out all the nooks and crannies in her foster home.


Taggi and Buster

Taggie - female

Taggi – female

Buster - male

Buster – male

DOB: May 31, 2015

Taggi and Buster are now available for adoption. These two are very lucky youngsters.  Born to a feral mom, they were found under the porch of two of our volunteers who took them in after mom disappeared. They bottle fed the kittens every two hours until they were weaned.  This takes dedication, patience and, as always, the cost of a special formula made for newborn kittens.  Stop down to our center and you will see the results – two robust, healthy beautiful young cats thanks to the efforts of two dedicated volunteers – Brad and Jeanine.


Bear-Bear  .  male

Bear-Bear . male

DOB: 2008

“I am such a sweet boy. I was dumped at a local shelter and I had such a bad respiratory infection that I was 6 weeks in their clinic”.  We (PAN) took Bear in and got him straightened out. He is gentle, loving and would make a great companion.


Katniss - female

Katniss – female

DOB:  ~August 2014

Katniss is generously sponsored by:
Sarah Engert

Katniss, mom to Archer, was dropped off at the city shelter because her family was tired of her getting pregnant. Her young life has been anything but lucky. She needed a few weeks to adjust to her foster home but is now finally  starting to play with toys and act like a cat again. She loves her wand toy and also cuddling with her baby, Archer. Can you help to make the rest of her life one she deserves?


Katniss and Archer

Check out Archer – her kitten – his picture is on our kitten page.


Evangeline - female

Evangeline – female

April, 2014

Evangeline is generously sponsored by:
Lois Huey – a gift  from Marion Quiram

Evangeline, came to us after her family left her behind and pregnant. Her kittens were born ten days after she came to us. She is wonderful, sweet and loves cuddles and hugs.
She would make a great family addition, as long as you don’t mind her always wanting attention.  Her new family must be dog free.




DOB:  ~2011-2012

Stormy is generously sponsored by: Nancy Gronski

They call me Stormy because I came inside during the coldest month ever. I’m very grateful to be warm and fed (I like lots of nummy wet food) and to have a person to chat with and rub on. I see myself as more of a Grayson, Lord and Master of my own Manor, though. Mrrrow, at least one person, maybe another cat or two…think about it, there is a lot to love about me!



Yolanda – female

DOB:  ~2010

Yolanda is generously sponsored by: Julie Schwetz

This little miss is a special needs, hard to place kitty.  She’s lovely, affectionate, chatty and easy to handle.  She’s good with other cats. She likes everyone she meets, and it’s mutual. So what’s the problem? She does not like litter, she’d rather “go” on a hard surface.  Mostly, a litter box with newspaper in it, or just a little litter, will work.  Hey, we all have our little quirks…if you think you could live with that, let’s talk.  She’s worth it.

Special Needs Kitty

Bubbles Darlene

Bubbles-Darlene1DOB: Sept. 10, 2013

She is a very sweet but shy little cat. Bubbles does well with other cats.


GypsyDOB – Nov. 2010

Gypsy is generously sponsored by:
George Irwin

Available for Forgotten Feline

Gypsy is a pretty, tidy, happy little cat who lives peacefully with other cats. She loves to rub against her person and sleep in a basket or atop the kitty condo. She can be seen often at adoption days.  Gypsy is ready to find her fur-ever home.





DOB: Mid 2013

Ivan is generously sponsored by:
Nancy Gronski

Hi,  Ivan here.  You’ve heard of Ivan the Great?  Well, I’m a GREAT cat.  I wish I could tell you how a nice house cat like me came to be out in the cold begging from kind people, but you don’t speak enough meow.
So for now,  just know that I like being in and I’m being good. I’m called a Red tabby – just in case you hadn’t noticed my gorgeous color.


DOB ~ October, 2010

Fizzles is generously sponsored by
Jeanne Glickert

Available for Forgotten Feline

Mr Fizzles is a bit reserved until he’s comfortable with his surroundings.  He is good with other cats as long as they don’t try to dominate him.  We think he might be OK with easy going, cat loving dogs.  BTW – he LOVES those little green olives that you put in a martini ……..

Matilda Zeta

Date of Birth:~May 2011

Matilda is generously sponsored by:
Erica Badger

Matilda is generously sponsored by Dedi & Peter Paris.

Matilda is a Forgotten Feline

Her name means “Little Girl”.  She loves to play, is good with young and old cats, likes to be held and will sleep on your lap. She was found starving on the city streets and is very happy to be in a warm foster home where love and food is plenty.


Date of Birth: March 2006

Tammy is generously sponsored by
Sandra Wheeler

Available for:
Forgotten Feline Friend
and/or Senior to Senior adoption.

Tammy is also a special placement kitty: She was abandoned with her kitten at a local shelter. Her baby was adopted a long time ago & poor Tammy was left behind. A high energy kitty, Tammy needs to keep busy – she loves to chase her furry mice, runs up & down her large scratching post and has a very big appetite for such a slim girl. Tammy’s activity level is way too high for most other cats to tolerate, so she may be best as an only cat. She has been indoor only since we’ve had her, which would be our preference, but she might be happiest as an indoor/outdoor kitty if the home was in a safe location. Some might say that Tammy has a slight case of Attention Deficit Disorder – she’s just a very busy girl. Tammy does not show well at our adoption center so she does not come for regular adoption days. A special viewing can be arranged upon request. Tammy needs a very special person willing to give her a chance.



Iscee - female - senior

Iscee – female – senior

Date of Birth: 2004

Iscee is being generously sponsored by Julie Schwetz

Available as a Forgotten Feline Friend or as a Senior to Senior

Iscee is a quiet, sweet little girl. She needs a family who does not have children. Iscee loves to be pet on her back, tail, chin and belly.  Iscee1She can be picked up by a person who knows how to be gentle and secure. She really is a sweetheart and would be great in a house without animals who are high spirited. She does not mind my 13 year old Beagle. If given a chance Iscee would make you very happy.


PicnicDOB:  January 2013

Picnic is generously sponsored by:
Mary Ellen Lansing

Picnic is  sweet, loving cat. She would dearly love to find her forever home.Picnic1



Viola - female

Viola – female

DOB: late 2011

Viola is generously sponsored by:
MaryEllen Lansing

Available for Forgotten Feline

Viola is a very affectionate,  young adult, with stunning colors.  She LOVES the dogs in  her foster home, (go figure)  Viola would blossom in a quiet home, a lot of noise makes her worry.She is very at home on a loving lap.  She’s had to compete in her foster home for one-on-one  time, and would love her own purr-son.

Black Velvet

Black VelvetDOB: Late June 2012

Black Velvet is generously sponsored by: Hisayo Thornton  (from Western Australia)

Available for Forgotten Feline

Who would have thought this scrawny, stray kitten found outside would become this shiny beauty, and sports a super soft coat. She is very cat friendly, and even likes the dogs – at a bit of a distance.  She takes a little time to warm up to a new person, but then … just TRY to get her off your lap!  She lives with Viola.


DOB:  April 24, 2012

Lindsay is sponsored in memory of
Sno Coppola and Lois Seaborn

Available for Forgotten Feline

I am very sweet and gentle, but had a very difficult start in life and I am very shy at 1st. Once I get to know you I rub and purr and will be your lifelong friend. I need a lot of time to adjust though, and need a patient person willing to give me time. I promise you will be happy you did! I would do best in a quiet household and I love to be with other cats.


Cherie1DOB: July 1 2013

Cherie is generously sponsored in memory of Calvin “muffin pants” Akins, beloved pet of Cary and Melinda Akins

Cherie appears to be wearing a little beret over her left ear. You just have to see it for yourself  — Soooo cute!!  Her sister Simone has been adopted and now Cherie is waiting patiently for someone to recognize what a wonderful addition she would make to a home that is needing to be filled with the love she has to give.

Holly Sue

HollySueDate of Birth: 2007

Holly is generously sponsored by:
Douglas Parker

Available for Forgotten Feline Friend and/or Senior to Senior adoption.

Holly Sue is a chatty kitty, OK with dogs and laid back other cats. She would do well in a quiet environment with an experienced guardian. She is generally healthy but had been having seizures. Now she is on medication for that and has become seizure free and pretty good about taking her pills. Please ask for a private interview.

Liz Taylor

LiztaylorDOB:  2011

Liz Taylor is generously sponsored by:
Autumn Angielczyk

Available for Forgotten Feline

“Hello fans.  I know you can’t get enough of me.  I am so beautiful.  Today I am featuring  one of my newest pieces of jewelry.  Isn’t it lovely?  You might be able to have your own private interview with me, all you have to do is e-mail PAN and I will do whatever I can to make your wishes come true.”


Dominic - male

Dominic – male

DOB: 2012/2013

Dominic is sponsored in the memory of Grace Swadling

Dominic is a beautiful classic brown tabby who loves to be stroked and rubbed. He does well with other cats, exploring the house but avoiding confrontation. This boy needs to put some weight on, and he’s doing his part by scarfing up the good stuff, followed by naps in high places.




GenevieveDOB: approx 1-2yrs.

Genevieve is generously sponsored by:  Lauren Kalinowski

Siamese Mix

This beautiful, sleek, shiny Momma cat is simply lovely. She is so friendly and thoroughly enjoys the company of her humans.  Genevieve


SummerDOB:  April 15, 2013

Summer is generously sponsored by:
Deborah Stearns

Summer is one of her foster Mom’s favorites! She is always looking for an opportunity to occupy a warm lap, as pictured here. Between cuddles, she runs and plays with those fun fake fuzzy mice!
Summer is quite comfortable with cats & calm dogs.Summer Sunning 1-13                                                    Summer is just waiting to be able to bask in the sunshine like she is doing in this picture.  She would love to be able to do it in her own fur-ever home.