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Bitsy - male

Bitsy – male

DOB: August 15, 2017

Bitsy is adventurous and doesn’t hesitate to explore. He loves playing with toys and making toys out of anything you’ll let him whack around the floor. He is an energetic little guy, and is quite confident. He gets along with calm dogs both large and small, and has even been caught taking a nap with two on a couch.


Itsy -

Itsy – male

DOB: August 15, 2017

Itsy loves to talk! He will walk around the house chirping and meowing. He is a curious little guy and follows his brothers lead when they explore or discover a new toy. He doesn’t seem to mind dogs both big and small but likes to take his time getting to know them. He loves to cling to your shoulder when you pick him up.


TK -  male

TK – male

DOB: Early August 2017

TK & CT are brothers born to a feral mom.  They are affectionate and will rub on your chin and kiss your cheek.  TK is shyest of the two but coming around nicely.

CT - male

CT – male


Jasper - male

Jasper – male

DOB: 6/30/2017

Jasper is waiting to go to his furever home.


Beth - female

Beth – female

DOB: June 2017

Available now.  She is waiting to go home with you.


 What is kitten season?

Why does kitten season occur? Because too many kittens are born when cats who are not spayed and neutered mate.

The easiest way to help reduce the overwhelming numbers of unwanted cats is to spay and neuter your own cat and encourage others to do the same. Unaltered cats are driven by their hormones and tend to sneak outdoors primarily in search of a mate. Mating just once can start a domino effect that can result in dozens, even hundreds or thousands of unwanted animals.

Above information is taken from the Humane Society.