Happy Endings

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Amanda and Winston

Jenny Joy

Gabby and Prince Harry



Happy StanleyStanley’s “Happy Ending” story is submitted by Judy Keith. (Nov. 2013)



October 5, 2012
Dear Joanne,

I’m not sure if you remember us, but last December 10th we adopted Willow and just after Christmas we adopted Augustino.  I thought you might like an update and some pictures.
Willow has come a long way toward socializing.  While she is still cautious of strangers, she no longer runs away to hide.  Instead, she will leave the room but stay in an adjacent room to check the situation out and will often come back into the room after she feels comfortable.  She routinely jumps up on a lap either afternoon or during the evening and it doesn’t matter whose it is.
We have shortened Augustino’s name to Gus and he is quite a character.  he is the epitome of the “curious cat” and loves to explore.  He jumps on the bathroom counter every morning to watch me get ready for work and he sleeps at my feet at night.
They are wonderful companions for each other as you can see by the pictures and will play tag every night at top speed chasing each other through the living room into the family room.  When they’re tired, they’ll curl up next to each other and doze.
They have brought so much joy and companionship into our lives and I can’t imagine what we’d do without them!  They are sweet, patient and affectionate and are very gentle around our 2 year old granddaughter.  I have recommended the Pet Adoption Network to many friends who are looking to adopt rescue pets and I hope your organization continues to be successful.

With thanks,

Connie & Joe Bellanca






Charlotte and Collette

These two beautiful girls have found a wonderful Fur-Ever home.

Everyone is soooo happy!!



Hi Kate,
Just wanted to send a photo of Libby. We are so thankful to have found such a wonderful cat through your organization! She’s very happy here….follows me everywhere in the house, plays wildly with her mouse toys which is very entertaining and looks forward to my husband coming home from work every night. We love her!

Sally Lou Nichols



Our Domino is basically “fur-covered love.” Last fall we adopted a tuxedo kitten from another agency but had to put him down two weeks before Christmas because of Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP), a fatal incurable disease. We were heartbroken and wanted another tuxedo kitten to fill the empty space in our hearts. When we first saw Domino we knew he was special. When he cuddled our daughter’s neck, we knew he was coming home with us. He’s such an affectionate cat. We’re amused with his antics and high-spirited personality. He never ceases to amaze us with his intelligence and how he can fit into the smallest spaces. We appreciated being able to talk to Domino’s foster mom to learn more about his personality and what he was used to before adopting him. Thanks for helping us find the newest member of our family.

Rob and Chris Spencer
Fairport, NY


Little Man and Bella

Hi Kate!
I’m sorry it has taken so long to send pictures and update but I had to wait for my daughter to download them. The kittens are doing great! Our older cat (Lucille, her pic is in there too) is even starting to be in the same room with them. lol We changed there names to Bella and Little Man, and let me tell you Conrad has come out of his shell. He is definitly not slow He is the King of the house! He has gotten all better with his breathing (but some day’s he gets stuffy and sneezes snot everywhere, yuk). Bella is such a lover she will come up to me and start rubbing her face on mine and I feel so Loved! They seem very happy and love each other ssssoooooo much. I’m really glad we did not seperate them, I think they would have been lost without each other. I also wanted to tell you that the check I wrote has not gone through, if you lost it I can write you another one. Well I’m going to see if I can download these pictures. We will be in touch! Thanks for making our lives brighter by saving our Kitties!




Hi-the little guy is adjusting well I think. Here are a few photos(when he actually was still for a few minutes…) He loves laps & he is a purring machine.

Still haven’t decide on a name-we usually pick people names for our cats so we are leaning towards Frankie or Petey. Luigi is warming up to him and they we semi-playing yesterday but they are a bit unsure of each other so it doesn’t last long. Of course Mulberry is oblivious and just wants to play, play play.




Hi – Here’s a picture of our girl Zoe (aka Misty). What a sweetheart she is! She just can’t seem to get enough lovin’!! We’ve had her for a little over a week now and she is adjusting very well. Her “brother”, Simon, is a little too rambunctious for her sometimes though. He likes to play rough but one hiss from her and he knows it’s time to back off. She can hold her own! When she wants to escape from him she just hides under the bed. That seems to be her comfort zone. Thank you everyone at Pet Adoption Network (especially Anne, who was Zoe’s foster caregiver!) for all you do! We’ll give Zoe the best of care and lots of love. She deserves it!! Laurie, Chris , Simon and Zoe.

Laurie, Chris, Simon and Zoe



Hi Kate,

I just wanted to send you a few photos of Carlisle (we renamed him Percy). He is doing great! He is such a lover boy and we all adore him. We have had no problems and he gets along great with our older cat.

Thanks again for all your help and we appreciate the work you do at the Pet Adoption Network!

Jenny Bigenwald




Do you remember Lola from a few years ago? :) Well, if you do, Lola is still as silly and adorable as ever. :) As you can see, she didn’t want me to leave her at home, so she packed herself in my backpack for college. :)

_It’s so funny- her curiosity is always getting her into entertaining situations. WE LOVE HER SO MUCH!

In any case, Lola says “HI!”.
:) ~Elisa Napierala


Sophie and Doc

Hello! I have read on your website that you were looking for updates about animals adopted from your organization. Last summer we adopted 2 lovely kittens from you. Their original names were Cadbury and Dove. We re-named them to Doc (Cadbury) and Sophie (Dove). They have adapted well to their new home and we could not imagine not having them around. They are best friends! I have attached 2 pictures of them enjoying the kitty life at our house. One is of them enjoying their favorite spot to look outdoors. The other is them trying to share our puppy dog’s dinner. They all get along well. Thanks for such wonderful pets!

Kellie Mainville



Hi Jan,
How are you? Just wanted to send you some great pictures of Cowgirl.
She and I have become such great friends !!! Thank you for such a wonderful animal !!
God Bless,
Diane Rich


Mr. Benson – now Benji

Against all odds, Benji (then known as Mr. Benson) came home with me in January of ’09. Anne was hesitant to bring him to meet me after 3 years of fostering. And he did draw blood within seconds of our first hello. But I just fell in love with him when I first saw his picture online. In person, he’s a giant fuzzy orange ball of kitty, and I simply couldn’t resist him. His paperwork reads “trial adoption” and warns me that he “gets nippy when stressed”. I had patience and Bach Flowers on my side. (He loves his Rescue Remedy…a must for kitties in transition!) He was climbing up into my lap for love within days. Today he adoringly helps care for my one year old son Sylas. “Ji-ji! was one of the first words out of Sylas’ mouth. Benji tolerates, and sometimes even lets on that he enjoys the clumsy baby hugs, kisses, and pats. He does still have his moments. But, he always gives fair warning, and he usually just gets up and leaves if his generous portion of personal space is invaded. An interesting fact I’ve learned about Benji: he loves to munch down fresh pea shoots and baby spinach. He’s happy with curly leaf green lettuce too, but only if it’s CSA fresh. He follows me to the kitchen when he sees me bring in a bag of fresh veggies. Oddly, he’s still got a big belly and weighs in at 19 pounds. But, this is definitely a happy ending for Benji. This one is proof that there’s a perfect home for every kitty! Thanks from all of us for the wonderful work that you do!

The Newkirks



To Pet Adoption Network:
Here is a photo of Jax, adopted in Feb. 2010, in the kitchen on Dec. 13, 2011. He has grown a lot, enjoys his home and the other two cats in the family. Jax loves to eat!

Marcia Osborn


Paula and Bungee

Hi Pet Adoption Network!
I just wanted to give you an update on Bungee and Paula, the wonderful kitties we adopted from PAN in September of 2008: They are such a pleasure. Paula is our Princess. She is the shy-timid kitty, but don’t let her fool you: she loves to play with the laser and anything with a Bell on it. She is my shadow. Every where I go, Paula is always near by. She loves to help me on the computer, often chasing the curser and biting my screen. I just can’t help but love her. Bungee, is quite the character and a neighborhood Celebrity. He walks we me and our/his dog every morning around the block: running, jumping meowing and playing w/our dog the whole way; he even meows when we get too much ahead, insisting we slow down. It has become a sensation on the street and many people come out to say hi and give their well wishes. Bungee and Paula love each other dearly and we often find them cuddling up together or w/Mom on the bed—there always looking for hugs and kisses and we happily oblige. They seem to have the habit of trying to ambush their Mom in the shower too—I was hoping that was just a phase but I think it’s here to stay—and I can live w/that. They are such a wonderful addition to our home and we love them so much.

Thank you Pet Adoption Network!
Take care and keep up the great work,
Jane Grannon



Hi Kate,
Well it has been awhile and Aurora has setteling in nicely. I have had her 14 months and just love her to death. She gets along with the other cats and loves to tear up my toilet paper roll on a regular basis. I could not imagine not having her here. I have attached pics of her and she said to say she misses you and wishes you a happy holiday season. Thank you sooo much for rescuing her for me, this is truly where she was meant to be.
Happy Holidays,

Chris Goodenough and Aurora



Jimmy has been a delightful addition to our home which he graciously shares with his fellow feline companions – Liza Jane & Ginger. When our favorite mancat Binky had to be put down in January 2008, we were devastated. Jimmy has filled a void that we never thought could be filled.

Thanks Jimmy!

We love you.



Hi Kate!

Just wanted to give you a little update on how a certain adorable little kitty is doing!

Abel is fitting in wonderfully. At first, all he wanted to do was to cuddle and purr, but in the past couple of days he’s started to show us that he’s a real kitten: he loves to play with his many toys and to get into mischief! As expected, Molly (our other cat) was none too pleased to have to share her apartment with someone else, even though they were in separate rooms with a door in between. But, over the past few days, things have changed dramatically: they went from being kept in separate rooms, to getting to see each other from time to time (at first, Abel would be in our arms, and Molly would hiss, but she quickly got used to him), to being on the floor in the same room, to playing together for the first time tonight (it was very cute!). It’s really quite remarkable how much they’ve gotten used to each other in such a short period of time; I give Abel most of the credit, since he’s never seemed to be bothered by Molly since he met her: he’s been a good influence on her.

We are absolutely thrilled that Abel is a part of our family: he is a joy, and we feel privileged that we’ll be with him while he grows over the years to come. Thanks for allowing him to be in our lives!

I hope all is well with you and that you and Avelle are dealing with the transition as well as possible. Please let me know how things are when you have a chance.

Take care,




I thought you would like to know that Spike is doing very well. He has been playing a lot and curling up on the couch with me at night. I just love him to death!






Hi Julie,
I don’t know if you remember me but I adopted Daisy (previously known as Lexi) from you last April. She was with her brother Lenny. I just wanted to send you a picture of her- almost a year old! She is sweet and cuddly and also quite the climber!

Thank you for giving me the best gift I ever got!

Melissa Kurlan



“Flair” (came to us as Claire but my son couldn’t pronounce it) just spent her third Christmas with us! She started out as a very timid, shy cat that would hide under the bed all of the time and is now a nutty, quirky, often clumsy cat that really makes us laugh a lot. She has a great personality, is excellent with my six year old son and has been a great addition to our family.

Thanks, Cheryl Schaffer



We adopted Feather in July. We only added an S to her name so she is now Feathers, because she is so feathery. She has adapted nicely to our home and our dog Houston. We have attached a few photos of her in her favorite spot. We were so happy to have her join our family. She also enjoys sitting on laps as well.
Heidi and Tom Tribunella



Dear Pet Adoption Network,
We adopted Parker a week and a half ago, and he is already a cherished member of the family! This picture was taken the day after he moved in with us. He has been very well-behaved and SO affectionate, and he quickly had the run of the house.
Thank you so much for everything you do!
Connie and Kevin Bowen



A huge thank you to Pet Adoption Network for my new cat, Spencer. He is wonderful, very loving and a true gentleman. Spencer has made himself at home, talks to me, and sleeps on my lap every chance he gets, sometimes for hours. He purrs all the time. It’s been a long time since I have had a young cat and Spencer amuses me with his playfulness. He will chase anything that moves and runs through the house with toys in his mouth, throwing them into the air and pouncing on them. He loves his toy with feathers and I have set aside time before work and bed to play. He sits by the nightstand where I keep the toy and cries until I get it out. He will not let me forget his favorite activity and he will play until his sides are heaving. I am so enjoying Spencer, he makes me laugh. Quite a contrast to the cat who hissed at me when I came to meet him and growled when I talked to him. He has never done that since I brought him home. I feel very fortunate to have found Spencer.
Linda Krehling


Kit Kat

Kit Kat is doing so well, he loves to sleep with me weather it is my bed or my lap He is a wonderful cat and a great companion.
thank you.

Sue Hallet , Rochester









We adopted Casey on March 6, 2009. He was so brand new (I think it was the first time Carolyn brought him to the site) and we scooped him up so I don’t think there was ever a listing on the website! It was him and his mother and his two brothers (none of whom were there at the shelter that day) and their old owners moved one day and just threw them outside (in January no less!).
He is doing absolutely wonderfully and loves his new Mommy and Daddy and big brother cat Toby very much. We were worried about Toby being 9 years old and never being around another cat, but Casey is so very gentle and just “goes with the flow” that Toby couldn’t help but love him! And he loves his Daddy so much. Toby was a feral cat so is only affectionate with Mommy since he lived with only Mommy until she met Daddy when he was 7 so although he lets Daddy pet him, he doesn’t cuddle with him. So now Daddy has his very own “love bug” and he couldn’t be happier!
We are so glad we rescued a shelter animal and will definitely do it again. In the meantime, here are some pictures to enjoy!
Thanks again for the wonderful addition to our “family”,
Joe and Kelly Corona


Rocky Road

I’ve been meaning to send photos for a while. Winston (now Rocky Road), loves his new home. He’s such a sweetie. He’s great with the girls, and is very playful. He still likes little beanie baby stuffed animals, and has a collection of them in a bucket beside his special bed.
The girls are setting up a lemonade stand this weekend, and they decided the money they raise will go to help rescue Rocky’s friends at the Pet Adoption Network. We’ll try to send more photos later.
All my best,
David Parfitt



This is Clarissa Joy, formerly known as Riley, adopted 4/13/09. I did also send this to Jan, her foster mom. She’s doing really well. She’s been getting along well and playing actively with Nigel, my ten month old cat, and tiring him out so he doesn’t pester Oscar, my 17 year old cat. Clarissa and Nigel are well on their way already to becoming great friends. I am delighted with Clarissa Joy and so appreciate your having brought me together with her. I thought you might like a “home” picture of her for your adopted animals page.

Deb Pierce



Hey guys,

My name is Tracy Tudisco, my fiance’ Matthew and I adopted Edward back in December 2008. His new name is Boogers….We absolutely love him and we are soo thankful to have brought him home. He’s soo cuddly, loves to play fetch, loves attention and wants to get into human food he can’t get enough of exploring new things. Although, we adopted him for our 3 year old cat so that they could play but turns out she doesn’t like him, hahaha but our 6 year old cat loves him, they run and play and snuggle together. Thank you guys so much for letting us adopting him!!! He’s in good hands. Here is a picture of him……

Tracy Tudisco



Hey guys,

My name is Tracy Tudisco, my fiance’ Matthew and I adopted Edward back in December 2008. His new name is Boogers….We absolutely love him and we are soo thankful to have brought him home. He’s soo cuddly, loves to play fetch, loves attention and wants to get into human food he can’t get enough of exploring new things. Although, we adopted him for our 3 year old cat so that they could play but turns out she doesn’t like him, hahaha but our 6 year old cat loves him, they run and play and snuggle together. Thank you guys so much for letting us adopting him!!! He’s in good hands. Here are some pictures of him……

Tracy Tudisco


Cleo and Clyde


Hello and Happy New Year! I can’t believe that tomorrow is already two months with Cleo and Clyde. I wanted to give you an update since we spoke in November.

I could just go on and on about them but that’s what it’s like with us cat lovers, isn’t it? Clyde is Clyde. He is so easy going and sweet. A couple sprays with water and he stopped jumping on the table,….. and the counter,… and the fridge. He’s very interested in whatever we are doing and has made himself right at home.

If you remember, Cleo spent the first night under the sink and the second under the bed. Then she would be under the bed but where we could pet her and she’s always purr. That was a good sign. She was sweet even when she was a little scared. Everyday, without fail, there was an improvement. We were determined to be patient and give her lots of space and it paid off. I can see why you were so surprised with her behavior. She is not as bold as Clyde, but she is sweet and friendly and loving and loves to be where we are.

I honestly could not decide which one I have taken to more. They are unique but also so alike in their friendliness. I’m sure I’m not telling you something you don’t already know. I just wanted you to know that they seem to have adjusted to us well and mostly I want to thank you for the care you gave them. Knowing only a bit about their story before you got them, it is hard to imagine these cats in any bad situation. They behave as cats that have never known a day when they were not cared for and loved and safe and that is thanks to you and your family. Thanks to you and your willingness to foster them, we have the loving kitties we do who are adding so much to our family everyday.



and the rest of the Oakes Family

(Dan, Madeline, Benjamin and Collin)



Hello Caroline,

We love our Lena so much. We call her “Queen Lena” because she rules our house! There was an adjustment period in the beginning while we learned to live with such a vocal, bossy cat. Now that she has trained us to follow her orders everything is just fine. She has adjusted to living with children and always has a playmate to toss her mousie or direct the laser pointer. She even comes around when many of the neighborhood kids are over and flings herself down belly up for everybody to scratch her tummy. She loves to snuggle up beside us when we are watching t.v. or sleeping, and meows if we stop petting her. She loves her COLD water, and demands fresh water from the fridge a few times a day. She joins us for meals in the kitchen by eating when we eat! As you can see from the picture, she loves to lounge in her cat tree, watching the birds and squirrels or sometimes chasing her own tail!

Lena has turned out to be a wonderful and affectionate family cat, and though we joke that she “hit the jackpot” when we adopted her, we also “hit the jackpot.”

Thank you to the generous volunteers at Pet Adoption Network who helped match us with Lena.

The Gangarossa Family



I hope that you can open this picture. Boo has made a wonderful transition and, as you can see, he is very comfortable! Our dog loves him.



Hi Kate

I just wanted to let you know that Aiden is doing wonderful-we actually are calling him Sammy now but Aiden is his middle name. He is just so adorable and purrs probably 10 hours a day. He is starting to get a little bit more active and has been playing with his toys more too! I just lay on the floor and read while he cuddles up next to me. I have never been happier and I really owe it all to you. Thank you so much for doing what you do!! If it weren’t for you and your hard work I never would have met him. I will upload pictures and send them to you this weekend when I have time. Thanks again!!



Jazibelle and Mister

Hi Emily,

It is now midday Mon. and everything is going very well. They have adjusted very well. It helps I’m sure that they sense they have a good home. Jazi was a little shy at first but not anymore. We had to go through a day or so of trust building but now she’s opened up. Mr. (and I’m still deciding on a new name) and I were buddies much quicker. If you would like to see some videos, feel free to visit my YouTube page anytime at www.youtube.com/user/raptorcoastermaniac. I’ve added some vids from Saturday, and I’m currently putting together a clip to cover the next few days.

Even though I have a fake tree, they’ve taken it over as another jungle gym to play with (like I didn’t know that was coming). I’ve attached some photos too.

You did a wonderful job caretaking these two in the meantime. Thank you so much. These two kitties are wonderful by themselves and are even more special together.




Hi Anne,

I hope all is well. Just thought I’d give you a quick update. Freddy and Brigitte are the best of friends. They play all day long. That makes me very happy because the other girls never had anything to do with him. She fits right in now. She sleeps in one of the heated cat beds in my room at night. She really has an adorable personality. We play fetch. She has the loudest purr I’ve ever heard, and follows me around like a puppy. She’s also very affectionate and sweet. I just love her to pieces. Thanks so much for letting me have her.




Hi Kate,

I just thought I would drop a quick note to tell you Lloyd is doing great. He has become great buddies with my dog Isabell, and is working his charm on Lola. I’m sure in time he will win her over. He has been a complete gentleman and has brought much joy and happiness into my life. Thanks so much. Hope all is well at the Pet Adoption Network. I have been spreading the word about the organization to anyone who will listen.

Jessica Rowland



Hi, Kate-

Just thought you’d enjoy a photo of Neil (the smaller one) and one of his favorite sleeping spots!


CoCo and Puma


Just wanted to thank you guys again — I just adopted Coco (Calista) last month, and she’s doing just great! She’s keeping 3 yr old Puma (ET) on his toes and he just loves her.

I was very nervous to bring home another little one in fear that my older cat would not be happy, but it has been great. They love to play together, eat together & sleep.

Attached is a photo.

Thanks Again




Hi Julie,

Wanted to give you an update on Dancer.

We finally found a name that seemed to fit him and us: Mookie. You have to say it out loud to get it — it’s fun and playful and the more you say it, the faster you say it, the more you want to say it and the faster you want to say it.

Which is SOOO this cat.

This cat. He is something else (in a very good way!). He is such a handful — into everything, jumping all over our other cat, toying with the dog (to sometimes hilarious ends), taking all opportunities to escape (and thankfully running behind the house and not to the road), and is generally like a ferret on crack for most of his waking hours (which also renders him unconscious soon after). He’s also the most affectionate cat — almost needing to be with us, curling into one of us whenever we are sitting around. He crawls between us every night, an instant member of the family. He’ll let you hold him and carry him around and, although he hates it, has accepted that prolonged time outside means he’s going to have to wear a hot pink harness and leash (yes, it HAD to be hot pink).

He is perfect for us and I’m glad we found him. He has brought such laughter to the house with his antics and such warmth with his affection. We feel so lucky to have stumbled upon him. :)

I’m attaching a post-spaz-time picture. Secretly, I think he’s drinking red bull when we aren’t looking but I don’t tell Jamie that because he’ll think I’m even crazier than he already does.

Hope you are well.




October 2008

Hi Julie. Hope this finds you well. I just got word that this (baby) picture of Tootie (Franc) will be in the “365 Kittens a Year” wall calendar for 2009! He’s August 23 AND 24. Penny’s son has made a name for himself…






Hi Donna and Dotty,

We’d just like to give you both a little update on Star. She is doing just great and getting along with Bailey and Buddy. She has come a long way in just a few days. At first she was a little scared of everything and now she goes all around the house. She jumps on and off the bed, and our bed is pretty high. She chases our big cat around and plays with Bailey’s tail. She is eating like a little piggy and is as loving as can be. I am sending some pictures of Star with her new family. She has a Dr. appointment in a couple of weeks and I will keep you updated on her, Thanks again and to you Dotty a special Thanks for saving Star, she is a sweet-heart. Enjoy the picture. Cindy


Baby Jane

hi kate,

i just went on line to get your email address and saw that maggie and i both “made the website” . fun!
i have attached some shots of jane. we love her.




george and i are having tons of fun together. he likes to cuddle and have his belly scratched. he is the perfect cat for me – thank you PAN for matching us up. -caity


Baldwin Kittens

Hi Katie,

We thought you would enjoy these pictures of the kittens. They are a riot! They are very affectionate and love to play. We are enjoying having them around and Sabrina really loves having playmates as she is still young and very playful herself.

The one picture of Leandra is adorable! I’m not quite sure who put who to sleep…

Thanks and Merry Christmas,

The Baldwins



Hi all,

Just a note to let you know Keva has only been with me a week but is already very comfortable and happy. She is very well behaved and wants nothing more than to be petted and loved. Thanks again!

Danielle Sharp



I adopted Bear and renamed him Wilbur a week ago Saturday. I just wanted to let you know he is doing fine. Loves his new home. He is a joy to all of us.

Thanks again,

Robin Blew



Just wanted to share this picture of Esmeralda in one of her favorite spots. She seems to be making a good adjustment. She craves attention! (and she gets plenty of it, too!). She can be clownish and kittenish one minute and the next be flying up and down the stairs after “Mousey” her little white mouse. She makes us laugh, she’s so cute.

-Linda Ewing



Duchess has been sitting with me as I prepared my holiday cards, so I thought who better to send holiday greetings to than you. She is a happy and spoiled girl and has many new toys that will be in her stocking at Christmas. My hope and prayers are that the other kitties at PAN are adopted and spoiled soon too.

We hope that you have a wonderful holiday season and a Happy New Year!

Duchess (Oreo), Sue and Frank Mastowski


Fancy Frank

Hello All,

We just wanted to give you an update on how Frank is doing. After a rough first night he seems to be adjusting very well. He likes to eat breakfast with his new daddy every morning. He loves to lay around the house all day while we are at work. Everynight when we come home we play with the feather toy and have dinner. He has an odd obsession with playing in the bathtub and I am beginning to think that he thinks the toilet is a bed (thank god he hasn’t made it in there yet). We really do enjoy having him around and look forward to our time together! Thank you so much for everything!


Christina DeBottis



Callie (f/n/a Tabitha) would like to say: “There are a lot of good things to be said for working in a pet supply store. Everyone I meet loves animals and I get picked up and petted by everyone. I have the very best of everything – best food (gained a little weight), best bed, best toys, and a great window seat so I can see the world go by. I sleep all day while my people are here and have lots of fun playing all night. I sleep mostly in the office and am the “Office Manager”. I am very happy and relaxed here”.

Callie is a wonderful cat – everything we had hoped she would be. She settled right in within a couple of days and it seems she has always been with us. She meets and greets our customers when she is awake and they just love her. She doesn’t bother with the dogs and never wants to sneak out the open door. She is so loveable and a very sweet cat – we just LOVE her!

Thank you so much for your help in having Callie (Callie the Calico) find her way to us. She is just perfect in every way.

Claire and Lisa



Just wanted to share with you..I know you know I changed his name to Trouble and it so fits, LOL…he is so sweet and so curious and so loving..into everything..if he manages to get in our bed room, he is so sure Lee and I want to wake up and play with him, like at 4 am..we have let him know it is maybe not such a good idea if he wants us to keep him in cat food!

He and Grady have become best of friends..they play and play together and conspire..the other cats are coming around..no hissing and spitting for quite a few days now and I actually saw Trouble and Baby in the same window this morning..they are not best of friends, but they are coming around. Baby is back not being mad at me and I am giving him all the attention I can so he will not be jealous..hard, as Trouble just delights me..and is everywhere!

He loves the kids..plays with them, cuddles to them..even the baby..and I have to say, he makes the computer a whole new experience..he loves to type with me and thinks the curser is a fly to catch..no other cat has ever done that here..thanks again so very much..I know he would not be the little scamp he is with out all the love you have poured into him..I am forever grateful




Hi Kate,

I just wanted to give you another update on Clare. She is a wonderful cat!! She’s totally at home and part of the family. She’s great with Jacob and he’s great with her as well. He likes to put his ear on her tummy and listen to see if she’s happy (purring). She sits with us, follows us around, plays, she’s affectionate and very friendly! I couldn’t ask for a better cat!! I’m so glad she’s doing so well with us. Jacob really loves her and she has not once hissed or puffed her tail up around him. Not that he gives her reason to but he is just three and can at times can be a little loud and fast moving. In short, you can rest assured that she is doing great and has found a permanent home! Thanks!!

Cheryl & Jacob


Pepe Le Mew II

As you can see, Pepe (Nickel) is doing great so far. He’s a little sleepy right now, as he’s been exploring upstairs and downstairs and playing with tissue paper and our toes under the blanket this morning when we woke up. He’s absolutely adorable…..a bright, energetic kitty baby (peppy for sure), and I’m sure he will continue to delight us as time goes by.

He’s lovable, and very social. He doesn’t scare easily and is naturally outgoing and curious. I wonder how I got so lucky as to get the baby you have raised these past couple of weeks. Whatever your socialization techniques are for foster kitties they really work and I thank you. Pepe says hi and he’ll keep in touch.

Warmest Regards,

Joanie Trahan


Homer and Boo

Here are some recent pics of Homer and Boo Bear (adopted as “Omar”). We adopted them from you in May. As you can see, they are very healthy and happy. They’ve gained lots of size and are very spunky. We love them dearly and they are now part of the family.

We have told others of your place and the great work you are doing. We’ll stay in touch.


Dan Majchrzak & Stephanie Berlin







Hi Kate~

“Kali” (formerly Heidi) is doing great!!!! She seems to have adjusted very well…..she loves to follow us around the house, sit on our laps, and play, play, play! She is eating well too :) We are taking her to Betsy next week for some shots. We just love her and are so grateful for all of your help :) Of course she is sitting on my lap while I write this so she sends her love!

By the way, on her first day she climbed up on Ray’s lap and they both took a nap in the recliner, soooo he’s hooked :)

Here’s a photo for you….we’ll be in touch :)

~Pat, Ray & Adam