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Milo - male

Milo – male


Milo is calm, gentle and quite charming. He loves to be petted and is quite fond of a good meal! Older kids would be fine with him, and he should do well with other pets, after proper introduction. This gentle giant longs for a loving home. Did you notice his many extra toes?

Polydactyl/extra toes!


Walter - male

Walter – male

DOB: ~ 2019

Walter is a lucky guy.  He was rescued just in time, the dog collar that was put on him, some time ago, was VERY close to cutting in to his neck. We’ve seen this before and it’s very nasty.
He is a very nice big guy. We suspect he has been out on his own for some time. Walter is a little nervous around indoor loud noises. He probably would do best in a home with low activity. No dogs. Stray cats spend their days staying FAR AWAY from dogs.
He loves attention!


Philip - male

Philip – male

DOB: ~ April/May – 2020

Philip is about 9 months old and a little scared, but loves his foster cat siblings!
Philip should be adopted by someone who already has a cat and is looking for a friend.


Chester - male

Chester – male

DOB: ~2019

Adoption Pending

Chester is  SO lovable. He is such a  long cat that when he greets you at the door, he reaches  waist height for a ‘hello pat’.  Extremely gentle, good with children, men and women. He purrs deeply from his toes to his chest.

He was abandoned when the family moved.


Courtney - female

Courtney – female

DOB: May 15, 2020

Cortney is a beautiful “bulls-eye” tabby. Her favorite pastime is sitting at the window watching birds and squirrels!
She is tolerant of the friendly dogs in her foster home.


Shadow - female

Shadow – female

DOB: 2017

Shadow is the daughter of Mommy, sister to Gizmo. Easily recognized by the darker color and white toe tips, she is the least overweight and most independent while sharing the family affinity for people.


Mommy - female

Mommy – female

DOB: 2013

This very sweet kitty and her two daughters (Shadow and Gizmo) can be adopted together or separately. She was spayed and micro chipped years ago and then gained a lot of weight which will take some time to address, but she approaches every human with friendliness.






Bobbie - female

Bobbie – female

DOB: 2019

Bobbi is still waiting for her special person. She came to P.A.N. after she was found living under a deck.
She is a very personable MANX type kitty. Just over 1 year old. She likes to be part of every activity.
Contact info@petadoptionnetwork for adoption details.



Bubbles - female

Bubbles – female

Dob. 2018-19

Bubbles story is like many abandoned cats. They are very lucky to get to a rescue, but because of her sad past, she was very fearful when she came to PAN. Bubbles was trying to raise 3 kittens living under a shed. Bubbles has done very well with her foster mom, but a new home would have to be patient and give her time to trust and feel comfortable. She is gentle and affectionate. “Bubs” is well worth the effort!
A calm household would make her transition MUCH easier.


Grant - male

Grant – male – after

DOB: ~2015

Grant before

Grant before

Grant is likely 4-6 years old. He was living outdoors in Irondequoit fed by a kind resident who noticed his fur getting unkempt. One week in a clean environment and a little help with a comb, look what a handsome boy he is.
He lives with other cats now, but he relishes his lap time and would rather not share, so a home as an only would be his best fit.


Matthew - male

Matthew – male

DOB:  2015-ish

Generously sponsored by:
Juliana Modjeski

Matt is a handsome guy that needs a special home.  He’s not the warm and fuzzy type, but he does like to be close.  He was rescued in very poor condition, so we know he was on his own for a long time.  A screened porch or catio would be awesome.  We think he’d love being an only child.


Clarice - female

Clarice – female

DOB: June 16, 2017

I’m a tiny little gal, a bit on the shy side but I really would like you to pet me. I like other cats but I haven’t been near a dog so don’t know if I would like them or not….probably not.


Jubilee - female

Jubilee – female

DOB:  1-1-2009


Say “Hello” to Jubilee. Pet Adoption Network’s 3000th rescue cat!!  She was one of many cats living outside an abandoned house with no shelter or food, possibly waiting for someone to return.  Her ears are frostbitten and are still healing.
She needs a little confidence building but loves belly rubs and lots of attention.  She is SO happy with her snuggly cat bed and a full food dish!

A generous donation was made to Jubilee’s care from Beth MacVittie in memory of Elliott MacVittie

Can you help us with her vet bills by clicking the donate button below?  Be sure to mention it is for “Jubilee”.  Please and Thank You!!


Sterling - grey tiger male Clementine - orange female

Sterling – grey tiger male
Clementine – orange female

DOB: ~March 2017

Sterling is generously sponsored by:
Corinne Nash

Sterling came from a strange situation where he was old enough to make socializing to humans iffy, yet there was no place to release him in familiar territory with support. So we tried. But he’s become less trusting, harder to handle, in short untouchable.
He really likes other cats though, especially if they’re gray like him. We’re thinking a barn placement would suit him and free up the foster home for some cat that wants to be touched. Would you know of such a thing?


Clementine - female

Clementine – female

DOB: September, 2014

Clementine is generously sponsored by:
Julieana Modjeski

Clementine is generously sponsored by:
Julieana Modjeski



Clemmie is blind or nearly so. The problem in not in the retina or corneas, but in her brain.
She navigates the house; food, water, litter boxes, other cats, even stairs. She’s tidy and won’t surf the counters.
Sometimes she likes to be petted a little, just around her head.
She does not like to be picked up.
She may not have been socialized prior to becoming blind, or it may be from a traumatic brain injury, but if surprised, she’s been known to bite or scratch ankles. Ouch. She should never be around children.
It’s a challenging situation and anyone interested can contact us for a special interview in the foster home.


Carolina - female

Carolina – female

DOB: mid 2015

Carolina is generously sponsored by:
Lois Miner Huey

Carolina has grown into the most gorgeous cat, and she keeps her fur in order herself. She can display a little attitude with some other cats, but we’ve found that some space of her own, part of the time, goes a long way toward reducing that. In fact, a home where she was the only would be perfect!