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Danny - male

Danny – male

DOB: October, 2020


Danny loves laps, loves to play, loves fun. That about sums it up…oh, and he loves his sisters. He is especially close to Rizzo. It would be awesome for them to be adopted together.

Available after Dec. 19th


Sandy - female

Sandy – female

DOB:  August 2020


Sandy is a total lap cat. That’s where she is happiest. She has not lived with dogs.


Scout - female

Scout – female

DOB: September, 2020

Scout is such a cutie. At around 4 months old she loves playing with her siblings.


Whitney - female

Whitney – female

DOB: September, 2020

Whitney looks like a little fox when she jumps on your feet in bed. Very sweet but needs a little time to warm up to you.


Eric - male

Eric – male

DOB: March,  2020


Eric shares his foster home with his brother Philip, cousins Ariel and Aurora, and adult cats. He especially likes to roll around with Ariel. Eric particularly loves to have a window view, and a cat tower to lounge on. He’s likely to be more a secret admirer than a lap cat, at least at first. He should live with another cat for company.


Sheba - female

Sheba – female

DOB: 2017


Sheba is sweet, affectionate and quiet. A wonderful lap cat, she is good with other calm cats and would be fine with older kids.


Stevie - male

Stevie – male

DOB:  2017


Friendly, affectionate, wonderful family cat.  Great with other cats and kids.  Stevie would love to be part of a family setting.


Apollo -

Apollo – male

June 19, 2020


Apollo is a cute little guy, he was the runt of his litter. He can be a little shy, until he gets to know you, then he is friendly and LOVES to be petted. Apollo would love to be adopted with a littermate.


Ginger - female

Ginger – female

DOB: May 15, 2020

Ginger is a friendly, sweet girl, and has the softest fur. She loves snuggles and will purr if you even LOOK at her! She is also good with cat friendly dogs.  FYI:Orange colored females are fairly rare.


Clara - female

Clara – female

DOB: 5-15-2020



Pino - male

Pino – male

DOB: August 15, 2020


Pino is a petite little guy. Now out of a big feral colony and glad to be out especially with winter coming. Still a bit shy but getting used to sights and sounds. Just learned what a toy is.


Tawny - male

Tawny – male

DOB: August 15, 2020




Pumpkin - male

Pumpkin – male

DOB:  August 15, 2020


This little boy is so cute.
He has 4 brothers and sisters that look very much like him.
Rescued from a colony and ready for a life in a forever home.

Honey Buns

Honey Buns-male

Honey Buns – male

DOB:  August 15, 2020


Honey Buns is a sweet baby. He loves to be pet. He came from the same colony as 4 other kittens.  He would love to be your baby .


Gizmo - female

Gizmo – female

DOB: 2017


Gizmo is the daughter of Mommy, sister to Shadow. Gizmo is spayed, micro chipped and overweight, she’s close to her mom and welcomes any human.
We’ve had them all tested for feleuk and fiv ( negative) and updated their vaccines.
How does one tell them apart? Gizmo’s stripes are more broken and the white on her neck diffused.


Molly - female

Molly – female

DOB: July 21, 2020



Maggie - female

Maggie – female

DOB: July 21, 2020



 Mokie - male

Mokie – male

DOB: July 21, 2020



Murphy - male

Murphy – male

DOB: July 21, 2020



Maja - female

Maja – female

DOB: 2019


Maja is a sweet medium hair tabby with a gorgeous fluffy tail. She came to her foster home from a life of a stray with her two kittens who have since found their furever homes. She is friendly and loving and has adjusted to indoor living very well. She is ok with other kitties and just wants a home to call her own.


Redmann - male

Redmann – male

DOB: 2018-19

Redmann is generously sponsored by:
Marcia K Osborn


Red is another cat abandoned by his family, left outside to fend for himself.  He is such a nice guy, we can’t imagine why he was on the street.  He is a big baby that needs a lot of attention.  Redmann fetches!

Odie and Sammie

DOB: August, 2020



Sammie – male


Odie – male -

Hi, we’re brothers Sammie and Odie. We were living outside in a cardboard box and not in very good shape.

We were starving and sick. The loving and caring people at the Pet Adoption Network came to our rescue.
Now that our health issues are resolved we’re ready for a loving home.  We will be ready for adoption 2nd week of November.  Maybe we could even be adopted together!


Sabrina - female

Sabrina – female

Dob:  2019


Sabrina is a beauty! Another super friendly cat living with a feral colony. Because of her tiny size (6lbs), colonies can be tough place. She craves attention, a very good natured girl.

Dusty Autumn

Dusty - female

Dusty – female

DOB: 2017


Dusty Autumn loves to be held & cuddled.  She is a very soft, tiny cat that is cat & dog friendly. She would do well with older kids.  If you want a cat that sheds very little she’s your girl.


Sassafras - female

Sassafras – female

DOB: October, 2019


This gorgeous girl came to PAN when her elderly owner passed. She is a gentle, calm young Balinese(?), that loves lap time. She was very lost without her “person”.
We’d like to place her in an adult home without other pets. She has never been around kids or other pets. Sassy needs somewhere that she’d be very happy and transition easily…Of course, not another elderly owner she will outlive. She’s barely 1 yr old.


Patches - female

Patches – female

DOB: June


Beautiful baby girl. Patches is very petite. No children under 6 please. Super friendly.


Chi - female

Chi – female

DOB: late June


What a pretty kitten.  She would love to be adopted with a sibling.  Chi needs a little extra support


Lennie - male

Lennie – male

DOB: kitten




Louie - male

Louie – male

DOB: kitten



Lefty - male

Lefty – male

DOB: kitten



Rona - female

Rona – female

DOB: Mid May


Rona was hand raised from about 5 weeks of age because her mom didn’t like indoor life. Affectionate once settle in, she would do well with her sister Noel, or with another cat or two.
Available now, look for them at adoption days Saturdays.


Noel - female

Noel – male

DOB: Mid May


Noel was hand raised from about 5 weeks of age because his mom didn’t like indoor life. Affectionate once settle in, he would do well with his sister Rona, or with another cat or two.
Available now, look for them at adoption days Saturdays.


Judy - female

Judy – female

DOB: 6-21-20


Judy is spayed and ready to go to a home with at least one other feline friend. She’s very affectionate, almost to the point of needy, and would be too stressed as an only.


Gabby -

Gabby – female

DOB: 6-21-20


Just try to get this one off your lap!!!


Casanova - male

Casanova – male

March/April, 2020


Casanova needs a home! He was found begging on the street.  This 5-6 mo. old is such a lover, he needs lots of gentle attention.

Tangerine (Tange)

Tangerine - male

Tangerine – male

DOB: 6-7-2020


Tange is a little shy but playful and busy growing.  Sometimes he bops the others when they approach his food bowl.  Tangerine will be available for adoption after his neuter appointment approximately on September 15th.



Tony – male

DOB: 6-7-2020


Tony is confident, outgoing and very playful.  He will be available for adoption AFTER September 15th, after his neuter appointment.


Ava - female

Ava – female

DOB: Summer 2019


Ava is a year old sweetheart. She was rescued after living under porch in the city. She was pretty beat up after her time on her own, but she is still a very nice companion. She seeks attention and affection. And SO pretty!


Buddy - male

Buddy – male

DOB: Young


Hi, I am Buddy.  I was rescued from my foster mothers porch where she’s been feeding me. I turned out to be friendly, and can’t get enough petting and belly rubs. Hence the name Buddy. Now I’m ready for my forever home. Is it with you?


Marina - female

Marina – female

DOB: June, 2018


Marina is a beautiful, female red-tabby cat. Which is unusual, because red and orange tabby cats are almost always male! Marina loves other cats, and will rub up against them to be friends right away. She is a little more cautious around people, presumably because she came to us from the street, where she struggled living with a cat community. She is very sweet and needs some extra T.L.C. Once she trusts you, she will be your sweet little cuddle buddy!”


Merlin - male

Merlin – male

DOB: 2017

Generously sponsored by:
Juliana Modjeski


If you are looking for non-stop love and attention, Merlin is your guy! Merlin was found very skinny and living on the city streets, scared and alone. But since he has been in a caring foster home, Merlin shows his gratitude by showering everyone he sees with cuddly affection. Merlin loves to talk, and will roll over on his back for some extra tummy rubs! Please come meet him, you won’t be disappointed.

Update: On 07/20/20 during a routine vet visit, Merlin was diagnosed with Feline Leukemia, a contagious disease that can be transmitted to other cats (but not to people or other animals). It is possible for cats with FeLV to fight off the infection completely, and to live for prolonged periods of time without any symptoms. With that said, although Merlin is happy and healthy at this time, his future is unknown. But he is just as sweet and lovable as ever! If you have room in your home and heart for this special guy, please arrange to meet him. Again, you won’t be disappointed!”


Rita - female

Rita – female

DOB: April 16, 2020


Rita is a sweet little girl.  She likes to lay across your stomach while your laying down. Rita is as cute as the white button on her chin.

Vito and Esa

Vito (male) Esa (female)

Vito (male) – Esa (female)

DOB: April, 16, 2020


Vito has a spot on his back and is a little devil. He will keep you on your toes-he is so is full of energy!!
Esa is very laid back compared to her brother. She wants to watch the playing and then jump in. She and Vito could be twins. They would love to be adopted together.



Mackie - female

Mackie – female

DOB: June, 2018


Mackie is a little shy, but likes to rub your legs. She will need a little time to warm up, but once she does, she loves her humans. Mackie would love to be adopted with one of her babies on Kitten Page. (Vito, Esa, Reta)


Pinto - female

Pinto – female

DOB: Mid May


Pinto was picked up in the city at 6 weeks old as an orphan. She is a playful, goofy kitten with gorgeous eyes and an inquisitive nature. She would do well in a house with other furry friends who like to play! Although shy at first, once she gets familiar with her new surroundings she’ll be jumping after wand toys and zooming down the halls with her new furry friends. She has never been around small children or dogs.


Chickpea - female

Chickpea – female

DOB: Mid May


Chickpea is a loving and affectionate calico who loves belly rubs and cuddles. She is a gentle, sometimes cautious kitten who would do well either on her own or with a furry friend who understands boundaries.



Pinky - male

Pinky – male

DOB: December, 2019


Pinky is the most friendly cat from the moment you meet him!
He loves to take naps on your lap or on a windowsill. Cat & dog friendly. Pinky was found a stray outside of an apartment building
where he was being attacked by neighborhood cats. The tenants contacted one of our volunteers for help. They are so relieved that he is now safe.


Dexter - male

Dexter – male

DOB: ~ 2016

Dexter is Generously sponsored by:
Kathleen Griffin


Dexter is a very chatty boy, clearly no stranger to humans, other cats or indoor living. Yet he appeared in a feral colony with a squinty eye, dirty and not neutered. Neutered now, he’s been seen by a veterinary ophthalmologist, and is scheduled for a surgery on the lower eyelid. It’s rolling in ,rubbing the lashes on his cornea. He’s going to be much more comfortable when that’s done. He won’t be available to adopt until August, but he’s such a foster favorite with the mitten feet and friendly churrs, his mom couldn’t wait to show him off.


Rose - female

Rose – female

DOB: 2008


Rose recently came to P.A.N. She has been living outside with a colony of cats. As the cats were being Trapped/Neutered/and Released, she was discovered to be about 12 yrs old, very friendly and DECLAWED. We’ll never know how she came to be abandoned.  Rose needs a retirement home, an inside one!

Available for Senior to Senior


Jesse - male

Jesse – female

DOB: April 2020


Hi!  I’m Jessie. Lucky for me I was rescued from the streets. As you can see I didn’t belong there. I’m definitely meant to spend my days lounging and sitting in a warm lap. I’m hoping you will make room in your heart and home for me.


Lily - female

Lily – female

DOB:  Late 2019


This big kitten is the sweetest most loving girl. Even the vet says that she is special. Lily never gets tired of pets. In fact, try to hide your hands and she’ll start to lean and rub all over you. If she has good play times between naps, she’ll snuggle right up to you in whatever way she can. Lily is a wonderful companion with a big and loving personality.


Marty - male

Marty – male

DOB: April 10, 2020



Heather - female

Heather – female

DOB: Feb. 1, 2020


Heather will be available for adoption after her spay. Mid July.


Peony - female

Peony – female

DOB 2018


Meet Peony! She is a lucky girl to be rescued from the street. According to neighbors, she has had several litters of kittens while living outside. Peony is a petite, good natured, nice girl. She is cautious, in new situations. That is how you keep yourself safe on the street.
She’ll choose your lap, once she feels safe.Peony standing (2)

Dixie Star

Dixie Star - female

Dixie Star – female

DOB: ~2017


Dixie Star is 3-4 years old
Very tiny, outgoing, people oriented & loves attention.
She is cat & dog friendly. Found in a feral colony, she has had a very difficult few years living on the streets & was ear tipped.
Dixie Star thinks it is hip to be tipped.



Madeline - female

Madeline – female

DOB: 2018/2019


Madeline was another kitty found living on the street. There are 1000′s abandoned in our city.
Maddy is the sweetest, busiest and playful girl we know! She would probably LOVE being the only kitty in the house. She wants ALL the attention!


Panini - female

Panini – female

DOB: April 1, 2020


This is Panini. She is a much more relaxed kitten and likes to explore her surroundings. She is constantly purring for attention and loves gentle petting.


Fluff - female

Fluff – female

DOB: April 1, 2020


This little girl with the white nose is Fluff! She’s mischievous and loves to play. She can turn anything into a fun toy–crinkly paper bags and tin foil balls are her favorite.


Peanut - female

Peanut – female

DOB:  April 1, 2020


Say hello to Peanut, a curious kitten who loves to see what’s going on around her. Jingly toys will get her moving, but she also loves to cuddle and will purr like a motorboat for chin scritches.


Falafel - female

Falafel – female

DOB: April 1, 2020


This is Falafel! She’s a very active kitten and could use a playmate who can keep up with her. Belly rubs are her favorite and she has a beautiful singing voice.

Misha and Marsha

DOB: Mid February, 2020


Marsha - female

Marsha – female


Misha – female

These sisters are full of mischief and have the typical kitten energy. We would prefer to adopt them out as a pair, but they could be separated.


Jose - male

Jose – male

DOB: 2018


Jose has the most adorable face with eyes that will melt your heart. He is a total lap cat and does great with other cats & dogs.
Jose was found battered & starving on the city streets.


Matthew - male

Matthew – male

DOB 2015-ish


Generously Sponsored by: Barbara Heyne

Generously Sponsored by: Molly McCarthy

Matthew (2)

‘Tail’ is actually ripped off fur. His real tail is curled up along the side of his body.

Matthew was a stray, probably for years. He is enjoying his foster home. Good food and comfort are new to him. The second picture is the condition of his coat when we found him. The matted hair was painfully hanging in long dreadlocks, pulling on his skin. It looks like he has 2 tails! So he’s now had a bad haircut. His ears were painfully infected. He’s been treated, and is feeling better now.
He needs a patient adopter, and a calm household. We don’t think he’s had much gentle handling in a long time.
He does enjoy petting, but isn’t used to too much at one time. He’s not aggressive, just nervous.
Look into those sad eyes….. he needs a second chance.


Misty - female

Misty – female

DOB: March 2019


Misty might have been born March 2019.
She looked like a half grown scared kitten living under a deck with few homes nearby. Well, surprise, she’s six pound young adult who can’t get enough lap time. Spayed now, she’s ready for a permanent indoor home. Fostered with other cats, she might do well with school age children or a well behaved dog.


SilverGrey - female

SilverGrey – female

DOB: June 2018


She’s been a great Mom! Considering she lived the first year of her life outside she’s an amazing cat! Very sweet, is coming out of her shell enough to come on my bed for love! She’s a purr machine and lets me hold her now. She’s a little skittish. Very playful! Loves other cats. She’s a little unsure about dogs. But I think with the right introduction she would do well!


Robin - female

Robin – female

DOB: 9-2019


Robin is looking for a new nest!
She ran up to a woman feeding feral cats, wanting to be petted (and fed). She is a very sweet, super playful 8 mo. old.  Robin enjoys cuddling in an available lap. She is ready for a permanent, loving home, without dogs.


Sydney laying (4)

Sydney – male

DOB: Young


Sydney is such a character! Quite reserved when he was rescued from the street.
Now he’s into lap sitting, following his foster mom everywhere, EATING, and sunbathing.
Syd is looking so much better. His new coat is starting to shine, his injured tail is almost healed. Ohhh, and he “hums”. A strange little chirpy, humming sound, when’s looking for attention. He is a great companion. Probably not with dogs, they scare him.


Gus - male

Gus – male

DOB: Feb. 2020


Curious and brave, Gus will steal your heart. His favorite way to end any day is with a snuggle, but only if he has had ample time to explore, play and follow you around! Gus also loves a good long phone call, as long as you make sure there is a nook on your lap for him to hunker down in.


Goose - male

Goose – male

DOB: Feb. 2020


This silly Goose is Mr. Personality. He is fearless and wants to go wherever you go and do whatever you do. He will search the house calling for you looking for some good snuggles or maybe just a reassuring head rub. Goose will turn anything into a game; whether its wiping down a surface with a paper towel or sweeping, it’s all fun to him.  Goose is an excellent companion and loves plenty of activity.


Georgie - female

Georgie – female

DOB: Feb. 2020


Clever Georgie is always finding new ways to do things. If she doesn’t succeed at first, she will practice until she does. Curious and sweet, this girl never misses a beat. In her world, anything can be made into a toy, and any nook the perfect spot for a nap.


Tiger - male

Tiger – male

DOB: Feb. 2020


Affectionate and playful, Tiger always finds the best places for naps, and loves playtime. Slow pets on his head put him right to sleep. He loves company and playing with others, and if he wakes up alone he will immediately get up and search for buddies.


Nala - female

Nala – female

DOB: early 2019?


This momma kitty is as sweet as honey. She’s curious and playful, yet loves to hunker down and hang. Always in the mood for scratches or belly rubs, Nala is friendly and kind. She may be shy at first, but don’t let that fool you. She’ll be following you around and chatting in no time.


Boyfriend - male

Boyfriend – male

DOB: mid 2018


Boyfriend was rescued from a feral colony, but he is NO feral kitty! He is a super social sweetie and will be your best friend in 30 seconds of meeting you! He loves watching the world from a windowsill, but his favorite thing to do is hang out with people.
Boyfriend loves to be cuddled and rolls over for tummy rubs.  He will jump right up on your lap when you tap your knee.
He is rather shy around other cats.


Ethel - female

Ethel – female

DOB: 2018


Ethel is a sweet, beautiful girl. She raises her paw up like a high five when she wants attention. Loves to bask in a sunny windows, and sit on your lap. Ethel might be better as an only kitty.


Spirit - male

Spirit – male

DOB: 2018-19(?)


This handsome hunk was a stray, abandoned in the city. He was hanging with several feral cats, waiting for a meal when he was rescued. He is a love bug, that enjoys being held and cuddled. Somehow he kept his good nature while surviving the streets.

Sara Lee

Sara Lee - female

Sara Lee – female

DOB: 2018-19?


Sara and her kittens (which have been adopted), were free giveaways from the internet. She was VERY scared when we got her, but has settled in well at her foster home. We think she had been kept in the basement for some time. She now sits on her foster moms lap, LOVES to eat, (she was very thin upon arrival). She might take some time to adjust to a new place, but she deserves a happy life.  An only pet would be purr-fect!


Rezza - female

Rezza – female

DOB:  ~ June,  2019


She is about 10 months old.  She loves to be pet, but is not comfortable when there is big noise or you try to pickup.  She was outside so not too comfortable yet with humans.  If you have some time she will be your best friend.  Just add love.


Russell - male

Russell – male

DOB summer 2019


P.A.N. received a call regarding a cat sitting on a window sill for 3 days. Russell is that cat. He’s quite thin, but nice and happy for a cozy bed. He’s quite new to us, so we don’t know him well. But, he’d like to know you!

Emmie Lu

Emmie Lu - female

Emmie Lu – female

DOB: 9/2019


Emmie Lu is generously sponsored by:
Corinne Nash


This beautiful Siamese mix, was rescued as a result of an internet ad.
“She had to be gone tonight”!
P.A.N. was afraid who might come forward for her. It was rumored that she might go to a dog fighter if no one took her. You can’t make this stuff up.
Emmi Lu is very sweet and affectionate, but you have to earn her trust. Our Vet suggests she has PTSD. Probably some abuse has occurred. It only took a few days in her quiet, calm foster home for her to settle down. That type home would be best, probably as an only pet. Our foster home is her 3rd or 4th home, that we know about.

Joan Collins

Joan Collins - female

Joan Collins – female

DOB: 2019


Joan Collins is a young sweet movie star that loves to be around people.  She is cat, and possibly dog friendly.  Joan would also do well around kids.


Smoky - male

Smoky – male

DOB: 2016


Smoky is big lap cat who was hanging out with (and apparently neutered as tnr) some shy ferals.  He’s doing very well with other cats but is afraid of big dogs.  He has the plushest coat and that handsome face!!  If you’re looking for a cat of that color, check him out.


Keegan - male

Keegan – male

DOB: June 2019


Keegan is a very good boy and quite affectionate.  This poor kitty was abandoned in a very bad neighborhood.  He is happy to have a warm place to sleep and plentiful food.Keegan1


Sweetie - female

Sweetie – female

DOB: 2018


Sweetie has come to us from someone who recently passed away.  She is approximately 3 years old and misses having her own person to love her.  Sweetie is a very nice girl but would prefer to be the only cat in her own home.

Sweetie - female

Sweetie – female


Flossie 2 20

Flossie – female

DOB: ~ 2015~


Flossie loves to flop down next to people or lay in their laps.  Her loud purr is often accompanied by a bit of her tongue poking out of her mouth.  She’s a good sized, confident middle-aged gal who loves a good meal and a good head scratch.  She has been declawed.  A retired person might be ideal.  Flossie has not lived with dogs.


Maddy - female

Maddy – female

DOB: 2019


Beware of this cat!
She will beg for attention, climb into your lap, and head-butt your hand at every opportunity!
She is a dream.  Very attentive to her person.
Maddy (about 1 year old) was found on a city street with many other cast-away cats.  She is so desperate for attention!  She is very thin, she’s been waiting for someone to save her.
She needs you!

Mae West

Mae West - female

Mae West – female

DOB: 2019


This tiny little gorgeous kitty is like a Rag Doll kitty.  She LOVES to be picked up and cuddled. Mae is cat and dog friendly and would do well with kids.  She was found as a stray and no one came forward to claim her.


Gloria - female

Gloria – female

DOB: 2017


Meet Gloria!
She is the sweetest rescued girl. Gloria is a tiny, (maybe 5 lb), 3-4 yr old. She loves to play. She is being bullied by the other cats at her foster home, so we are stepping up our efforts to find her a home. A cat free home might be best for her. She loves to cuddle, and is very social, good with gentle children.


Thomas - male

Thomas – male

DOB: 2017

Generously sponsored by:
Barbara Heyne

Generously sponsored by:
LoriAnn Kessler


Thomas was found in a feral colony but he is definitely a very friendly kitty.  I love people and am great with other cats.  I need a loving home.  Older kids would be fine.


Stuart - male

Stuart – male

DOB: August, 2019


Stuart LOVES to hug.  He is playful and energetic.  He would be good with kids and very likely get along well with other cats.

Giuseppe and Lucia

Giuseppe - male

Giuseppe – male

DOB: Oct 2019


Giuseppe and Lucia were free kittens being given away on social media. P.A.N. wanted them to have a GOOD home.
They are VERY playful, active, and purr loudly.

Lucia - female

Lucia – female


Jammie - female

Jammie – female

DOB – May, 2019


Jammmie is a small, timid little girl. Considering she came from a colony and was seeking out to be pet she has tremendous potential for being a wonderful family member. Her person will need to understand that she needs a little understanding and patience. She might be best with a sibling kitty.


Joey - male

Joey – male

DOB: May, 2019


Joey is a gorgeous spotted brown tabby. He is brother to Jodi. He is curious and  interested in what is happening but also not a pushy kitty. He is a little shy about being picked up, but he will get over that and be a great family member.


Jodi - male

Jodi – male

DOB: May, 2019


Jodi is a beautiful, sleek young male that will roll over for you to rub his tummy.  He is a little shy about being picked up.


Julia - female

Julia – female

DOB: 2018


I am shy at first but very sweet and loveable. A quiet, adult home would be best for me. I don’t want to share the love with another cat in the house so I would like to be the only Queen of my Castle. I just need an understanding family to give me a chance.


Penny - female

Penny – female

DOB: 2018


Penny is a sweet, loving girl. She is good around other friendly cats and would be good with older kids. Penny just wants a warm, loving home to call her own.

Midnight Martini

MM - female

MM – female

DOB: 2017-18


She was abandoned and sought shelter under a porch. Someone in the neighborhood fed her when they saw her. She loves giving kisses, and rolls over for attention. She is social with friendly cats.


Lester - male

Lester – male

DOB: early 2019


Lester was a rescued stray when he came to P.A.N. He was spotted sleeping under a lawn chair for shelter. He is quite the lover boy, and so handsome! Lester is so great, you’ll NEVER be sorry you brought him home!!

Blake and Tanya

Tanya-left-female Blake - right-male

Blake – right-male

DOB: April 26, 2019


Blake and Tanya are a bonded pair. Born in the same litter they have been in their foster home together since rescued.  They are very attached and we would like to see them spend the rest of their lives together.  Blake likes to give kisses on your hands, face, and toes, Tanya is more independent, good with other cats, older kids, but recommend no dogs.



Lisa - female

Lisa – female

DOB: August 3, 2019


I was found in the wheel well of a trailer.  All alone, all my my self, so sad. I am a pretty little girl and I think I will have gorgeous long hair when grown. Oh…also, I like to sleep with my human.


Brittany - female

Brittany – female Patch Tabby

DOB: late September