Stormy/Grayson – male

DOB: 2011/2012

Stormy is generously sponsored by: Nancy Gronski

Sadly Stormy was euthanized due to illness on 10-12-16. Thanks to a loving foster home, Stormy spend his last days in a warm home with food a plenty. He was never cold or hungry again. Play and run free at the Rainbow Bridge Stormy!!

Shorthair blue with small white pendant.

They call me Stormy because I came inside during the coldest month ever. I’m very grateful to be warm and fed (lots of nummy canned food) and to have a person to chat with and rub on. I chat a lot! I see myself as more of a Grayson, Lord and Master of my own Manor, though. Mrrrow, at least one person, maybe another cat or two..think about it, there’s a lot to love about me!
2016 update: Stormy hasn’t been at the center much because he has a chronic eye infection. We’ve tried a lot of stuff, nothing seems to work. Sometimes you just have to apply tincture of time.

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