Claus – male

DOB: Late September


Claus has had a difficult start to his young life. He needs to see 2 specialists regarding his issues. Unfortunately he is either missing or has a shrunken eye and will need to see a veterinary ophthalmologist.

UPDATE: Claus visited the veterinary ophthalmologist last week for a consultation. Claus very patiently allowed his foster Mom to hold him while the doctor examined his eye and Claus received numbing drops to reduce his discomfort.  The examination was over quickly and the vet said that there was a non-functional small eye left inside. He couldn’t tell whether it was from trauma or an infection, but Claus is okay now and the best course of treatment is to remove the eye and seal the lid within the next few months to prevent any infection.

"King of the Cat Tree"

“King of the Cat Tree”

If the eye is left intact it could possibly become cancerous. The current plan is to wait for evaluation for his heart next month by ultrasound and if Claus is able to undergo anesthesia, remove the eye and perform his alteration through his regular veterinarian.

1-17-2015 update:

       Claus was able to get a cardiac ultrasound recently. Claus is thought to have a rare, congenital defect called pulmonary stenosis which means that blood flow in the vessel from his heart to his lungs has a smaller opening. This restriction causes his loud heart murmur but does not indicate that he has severe disease. Currently, his heart shows no disease changes and he has no symptoms of any heart disease! His imaging veterinarian recommends that he is monitored for symptoms, but is optimistic that he may not have issues related to this defect.
Claus was so good for his ultrasound that the vet promised him some kitty treats because he kept still! His personality keeps emerging and while he is still a very active and playful kitten and befriends adult cats to play, he wants to cuddle up and nap with a person or another cat. In the near future, he will have his alteration and sealing of his non-functional eye and will be looking for his furrever home!


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