Matthew - male

Matthew – male

DOB 2015-ish

Matthew (2)

‘Tail’ is actually ripped off fur. His real tail is curled up along the side of his body.

Matthew was a stray, probably for years. He is enjoying his foster home. Good food and comfort are new to him. The second picture is the condition of his coat when we found him. The matted hair was painfully hanging in long dreadlocks, pulling on his skin. It looks like he has 2 tails! So he’s now had a bad haircut. His ears were painfully infected. He’s been treated, and is feeling better now.
He needs a patient adopter, and a calm household. We don’t think he’s had much gentle handling in a long time.
He does enjoy petting, but isn’t used to too much at one time. He’s not aggressive, just nervous.
Look into those sad eyes….. he needs a second chance.

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