Elle and Eli

Elle - female

Elle – female

DOB:  Spring 2018


Elle and Eli came from a terrible home.  They were neglected,  and then left on the front porch with the rest of the cats in the house when the people moved.   They were skin and bones.
They are quite scared in new situations.  We are hopeful that someone will consider making a commitment to adopt them.  Don’t let their shyness fool you.   Once they relax, they love to run, jump and play with their toys.

Eli - male

Eli – male

Eli is a Private Investigator!  He is always looking for adventure.  When Ellie is ready to relax and feels secure, she loves to be petted, and purrs like an engine.  They really have a loving side, it just takes time for them to adjust and show it.  Will you be the one that gains their trust, affection and love?

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